Bye Bye

It has been four days since my YE went back to Japan, I really miss the time we had together. The moment i hug her on the car right before i leave for Physics tuition is still hovering round my mind. Sometimes you just have to move on and store the past in your 'computer' as a memory.

Anyway, it is Independence Day again. My class is united! We sang Sejahtera Malaysia and Tanggal 31 and won all the other Form 4s and appear as FIRST! But now, my class seemed to be a bit obsess with both the songs. Today, we practice on purpose during Encik Alim's period and succeed skipping one of the two periods we had to bear with him. And our class decoration is nice! A bit too exaggerating though. Pau Ling the 'CNN Reporter Merdeka Special' kept me update with the number of flags in our class. The final number is 313 Jalur Gemilangs. That's a big sum for a small class-decorating competition for Merdeka. I got a feeling that we are going to win pole position again.

Tomorrow, i am going to a PRS camp with Yi Xuan and be MIA for the choir performance. Sorry class but i believe you all will make our class proud and make 4BR shine upon the heavenly light once more! Show the spirit, show them who are the 4BRians!

Pei Ning signing off for the last time before leaving for her going-to-be-very-patriotic camp.


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