" Meet Friends " Outing

Went out with Joseph, Joel, Rui Yi, Jennifer, Yin Wei, Ya Jen, Janice, Ke Jun and a girl whom i forgotten her name. Destination : One Utama! We went to watch Meet Dave. Credits to Joseph who bought us the tickets and drinks. He is just far too generous. Anyway, that movie Meet Dave was hilarious. I admit that Eddie Murphy is a good actor. His acting really entertained the people in the whole cinema. Really envy his acting skills.After the movie, we went to arcade since all of them seemed so interested in going there and Jennifer was planning on something else. I felt so awkward being there. I've never played in arcade before yesterday. So i played a few rounds of car racing with Ke Jun and Rui Yi. It is very driving-car like and since i have never driven before, i seemed to be crushing to the borders all the time.

Then, we led Joseph down to the cafe at the bowling and pool game is and TADA! Happy Brithday Jospeh! Jennifer and Rui Yi were planning this surprise celebration specially for Joseph. Jennifer and Yin Wei sneaked off when Joseph was losing himself in the arcade to collect the birthday cake ordered earlier. Nothing intriguing besides taking pictures which is normal.

After i bade goodbyes to them, went to join my mum, sister and brother in Sakae Sushi. Got to eat the salmon my mum left for me. Definately delicious. Hoping for more sashimi also! Went home to watch You Don't Mess With The ZOHAN. Also quite funny in certain parts but to me is just average.
Couldn't wait any longer for Yin Wei to send me the pictures. Anyway, full stop for the day.




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