Jingle All the Way to August Holiday

It's holiday again. Time really flies when there are no exams. One thing good, i finally took my Grade 8 Music Theory exam this morning. Feeling of anxiety swept pass me and chills making their way down my back all the time when i was standing alone outside the exam hall like a loner. I had no one to talk to! Everything seems so strange to me.

I was there revising my homework when something caught my attention. Guess what? Saw Zhan Yeh walking up the stairs. I was surprised when i saw him but he didn't seemed to be interested with my presence. Guess he is sempre like that! ( sempre : always ) Obsess with italian terms...

So that MPS held last week was below average for me, to be honest. I understand that it can be done way better because Japanese Culture is something so wide that a mere SMKTS-Library-Sized-Exhibition is just a pinch of sand of the whole thing. However, with Pn. Zaini's limitation, i bet O.C. and V.O.C can't do much about that either.

The whole exhibition was boring for me. Main thing is because i'm not interested in neither anime nor manga, origami was making weapons out of paper? How wierd... That sushi thing was a daylight robbery, flower arrangement was not proper and the whole thing has nothing to do with bonsai, language part was plain boring, not interested in technology because the articles are all about robots, no idea what the Leos and Interact members are doing, Geography was another boring station, couldn't get the Japan's map. What i like are the weather doll and what the Form 6 Council was doing.

I wore yukata on the first day. Was a bit messy cause i had to deal with almost the whole process of wearing that yukata by myself. No one knows how to wear it! After that opening ceremony, i stood at the entrance saying ' よこそいかしませ ' or something like that. Know why i'm not sure? This is the effect of saying that particular word for too many times consecutively. After that, Charlene pulled my aside and told me she wants to make me up. I don't even have time to feel shock about it when i realise i am already in the BBM room sitting down opposite to her. She caused me to tear with that eyeliner! I was afraid of eyeliners okay? Then, i look a bit geisha-ish after that make up but she didn't put powder on my neck so nevermind...

Went home and took one last picture of me! Happy holiday!




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