PRS camp konon...

Just came back from the camp yesterday evening around 7.30pm. In that camp, i thought Pei Ning will be quite tough for others to pronounce so i used Evelyn. Guess what? Neither could they pronounce that.

Anyway, for the whole of the first day, we did all the group discussions and had to listen to forums about PRS so the whole day is practically plain boring and requires lots of brainstorming. However, you can't brainstorm when your group members are not efficient enough and consist 90% of 'X' right? So, we had to create our own group name, logo, song, cheer, motto and presentation( singing for my group). And i created 18% of those when there were actually 12 brains in my group, motto and song.

After the whole exhausting day, they told us that we were going for night walk at 11.30 and told us not to bring any thing that consists of light or that will light up to the jungle. So we spend 5 dark miserable hours in the jungle and i caught up with this terrible headache. It was not cool at all. We went through several steep slides. In the dark, i grabbed a plant with thorn that scratched my hand and elbow. The scars are still obvious now but the pain is gone.

The next day, we had jungle tracking and flying fox. jungle tracking during the day is easy for me. Went through a few rivers to reach the waterfall. Shoe ended up wet and sandy. Flying fox is the best of all in the camp. I went up there quite easily and without fear despite the height and all the obstacles. The guy up there talked to me. " Takut tak?" " Tak lah!" " Form apa?" "4." "Oh, sudah besar, patutlah tak takut!" After i was prepared and ready to 'fly', i bid goodbye to that guy and flew down. I shouted with syok in the air as the wind gushed past my face. It suddenly come to a stop and i felt my body bounced back vigorously due to the high velocity before that. My hand muscle still aches now but it is worth it.

Boring formal ceremony after that, of course makes everybody fall asleep. Then those people go mad and scolded us for sleeping or trying to sleep during the ceremony. Can't help it mah... Dislike the camp commander. He didn't even participate in anything we did and sneaks off all the time. Always causes trouble to us. *smirks*

That night, i was already back to my home sweet home. My brother and sister watched Death Note while i plunged in to my warm and soft bed and fell asleep seconds after due to the fatigue and sleepless night before. Till now after i came back, i think i have already slept for 19 hours. I think it is sufficient enough for me to get rid of the tiredness and sleepiness. So i just woke up about 2 hours ago. Doing tomorrow's tuition homework. Happy Independents Day! XOXO



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