Saturday class

Knew i should not waste my time going to school today. It was boring except for the first two periods where we had chemistry experiments in the laboratory. Redid the failed copper(II) sulphate experiment. Got a feeling that it will not succeed at the end of the day. Stayed back in the lab during PJK class since Pn. Kwang so generously let us according to Ming Soon. Class attendance was poor compared to 4A and 4C. Heard that 4C got some interesting experiment today.

After recess, did not have much studies just a few exercise by Pn. Azmah then the end. Joseph came by our class and chit-chatted with Yi Xuan, Shu Ning and I. In the end, SN was obsess with her chemistry thing and YX had to do her poem thing so i played BINGO with him. Imagine the boredom i've been through, can almost see moss growing on my brains. Did not study for EST then school ended!


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