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Prague with the famous Charles Bridge is most enchanting with a big castle complex on a hill at the back. Czech Republic is the most economical country compared to Central Europe. Prices are like Malaysian. They use Koruna (CZK), but if you are ever there, it is better to use Euro as you get a better deal than exchanging Euro into Koruna.

On our way from Prague to Munich, we stopover in Salzburg, where the movie 'Sound of Music' was filmed. Visited the Mirabel Garden with the view of the Salzburg Fortress on the hill in the background.

In Munich, we made day trips out to see the fairy tale castle, Neuschwanstein Castle. The picture was taken from Marien Bridge which is across a ravine from the Castle. No photographs were allowed to be taken of the interior. The furnishing were fabulous which included a million pieces of mosaic laid out in designs and a modern sitting wc built in the 19th century.

The beers are so cheap in the supermarket anyway. But by the cafes in the squares it cost about 3-4 Euros for 500ml. Hoegaarden wheat beer is still the best. Delicious and crispy German pork knuckles cost about 8 Euros per portion. Not that expensive, although Munich is said to be the most expensive city in Germany.

To be continued...

the count down.

Turning Tables - Adele

 Holy shits I did not realize that I have not posted this up!! Anyways, this was written on the 16th of August, just in case you wonder. And that was so long ago. Sorry as well, for slacking off blogging. I have plenty to tell!! But, have yet to find the energy to do so :P

Counting down the days, it has been almost 3 months that I have gone jobless, aimless, the biggest procrastinator of the century. It is rather tragic because I just let the cobwebs manifest my brain.
Plus, I realized that the littlest things that make me make use of my brain or require more thinking than usual will trigger my bad migraine. It is not a good sign. What happens when school starts? What happens when I have to study for exams? Wouldn't i just die of the bad throbbing headache? So tragic.
I might actually consider doing a brain scan one day. This migraine cycle is sorta freaky actually.
I may sleep through the night with that headache still going on, but when I wake up in the morning, it continues. In fact, the amount of paracetamol that I have taken to numb off the pain may already created the  tolerance effect.
Right now, it is slowly sliding off, only coming back once in a while in a very mild version.
Consulted my first doctor, Hiran, who just activated his Facebook account this afternoon. So nice to talk to him after such a long time again and how honored i am to be his first friend on Facebook :)
You may ask how's the packing and all.
Well, it is almost done so far, with a little more to fit in to my backpack, still wondering how it'll look like with my laptop and all inside. The amount of stuff I'm bringing is not enough to fit into both my big luggage and there's still some extra clothes I have to carry with me in my backpack.
Sigh... I small girl like me has stuff weighing more than I do to bring. What to do? I already tried my best to minimize the stuff I am going to bring and still...

Till I leave the country,
Pei Ning.

Europe (daddy)

... continued

We were in Pisa, of course, to see the leaning tower and the other monuments in Miracle Field. Most of the monuments have been spotlessly cleaned of all the accumulated dirt everywhere in Italy with some in progress.

Florence with the famous Ponte Vecchio in the background has mostly jewellery shops on the bridge. The designs are all so exquisite, so Italian. Plenty of leather ware shopping also in Florence. The Uffizi Gallery is on the right where you can see the original Michelangelo's David, while the copy is outside at Signoria Square.

After a week in Italy, our last stop was in Milan and the next morning was an early train ride to Tirano at the border of Italy and Switzerland, where we boarded the four hours scenic train ride, Bernina Express, through the Swiss Alps to Chur. The scenery was postcard perfect. And then to Lucern where we stayed at this beautiful Swiss Chalet by the lake, where everything creaks, because it is an old timber house. You could almost imagine a cuckoo bird coming out from a window.

To the top of the mountain at Mt. Titlis, 10,000 feet. And you will think that you are in Kashmir and China at once. Indian tourists and you can hear Putonghua. There is only a sprinkling of pale faces. In fact, Switzerland seems to be the favorite country for Indians as they were there by the bus loads and train loads. But Chinese, they are everywhere on tours and travelling on their own.

To be continued...


self-created tune about a blue fluffy dolphin

Recently, out of curiosity, i clicked on a link posted on Twitter and it was about pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows. Besides that joker's face and the adorable props, the tune was catchy and got stuck in my head just one time watching it.
Well, aren't unicorn plushies so cute you wanna die?
I've seen kids in movies carrying those unicorn plushies around. I remember seeing it in Transformers and of course, Despicable Me!! So adorable!!
I need me one as well. And I want a pink and fluffy one!! It may or may not appear dancing on a rainbow that doesn't matter.

Here's the video if you want to watch it. Hazards warning.

So yesterday, I went to Matta Fair and caught up with my dad's ex-classmate and his wife. They were the bosses of one of the travel companies. So aunty gave me one of the door gifts - a blue fluffy dolphin! At first, I really thought it was a blue fluffy unicorn instead. Hahaha. Talk about obsession, talk about fetish. It was not big, just key chain sized, perfect, so I can bring it over to the US and hang at my new bag :) Its blue nature will sure stand out with my colorful pink red white green striped Jim Thompson bag *:)

Here's it.

Blue fluffy dolphin attack!!
Just kidding...
Still a young girl at heart, eve.

Europe (daddy)

Daddy writes for my blog *:)
Ladies and gentlemen, Europe!

We have planned for this tour of Europe as this would be the last chance that the whole family could go together. So, we arranged for my son, Yi Hui, to fly in from US to meet us in Paris, where we stayed for three nights. The apartment belongs to a French woman, Annie. She reminded us that the staircase is 130 years old and 'you can break all other things in the apartment but not the staircase'.

The view of Paris with Eiffel Tower in the background was taken from the top floor of Galerie Lafayette, a well known department store. The dome of the store is something you need to see for yourself. It is so beautiful.

Of course, everybody has to see Eiffel Tower and maybe go up the tower for a bird's eye view. To take this night scene means waiting until at least 10pm as the sun sets only then. So it's best to go to Europe in summer when you have lots of daylight for sightseeing.

We went to Nice by fast train, TGV. Only 200km/hour, not as fast as China's train nowadays. And took a bus to this beautiful medieval village, St Paul de Vence. All old stone houses and cobbled lanes. Only a few hundred people live here but 2.5 million visit.

Next stop, Rome with the beautiful Colosseum. Then it is pasta, pizza, pasta, pizza and pasta. Do you know that for a proper dinner they have appetizer, first meal (pasta), second main course (meat) and then dessert and coffee. We only managed one. Of course, Euro prices.

Venice is full of tourists and hot, hot and hot like Malaysia. And nice Gondola rides for deep pocket tourists. You won't think that Italy is facing some economic crisis.

To be continued...

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