This post is actually written by XinWei. Just her being such a doll for writing one in her blog dedicated to me :) :) :)
Hope she doesn't mind. But it's so nicely written I want to keep a 'copy' as well :)
Here goes...


i'm not sure how the saying goes, but it's somewhere along the lines of "when you come together with your old friends and reminisce about the old times, you feel old". on the contrary, i felt the exact opposite while reminiscing in the good times, today.

all of us gathered again after a long while. a very long while, in fact. the main reason why we've managed to pluck out some time to organize such a mini-gathering is because a dearly beloved friend is leaving for USA to further her studies there. i mean, it's not bad news entirely. she is going there with her boyfriend, and sheis going to broaden her horizons. it's an amazing thing to happen to Pei Ning, and i am definitely happy for her.

so many memories flooded our senses as we began talking, letting loose. it's amazing how when we meet each other, we instantaneously knew how to be children again. we didn't feel old at all. at least, i didn't. i felt like i was the youngest i could ever be when i was with these girls. the energy was just splurging out of my brains, invading my organs and filling them with adrenaline. this is a perfect example of a good reunion. you're supposed to feel young again, because you relive every single memory that you've made with these same people. it feels great. it feels great to feel young, to feel that there isn't an end to this.

it's extremely comforting to know that some things has never changed, and will never change.
have fun, Pei Ning. i hope you go over there and gain a whole lot of experience. take care of yourself. well, i'm sure Yee Jin will protect you well. (: 
(yeah i have a strange interest in pronouncing his Chinese name.)


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