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Be Strong - Delta Goodrem

Well, since i am leaving the country soon and it is deemed extremely necessary to meet up with my BFFs before i do. It was since the leaving of high school, a year and a half back, since i have met up with them, well in a group that is...

Back then, we were inseparable. Not 'quite', but extremely inseparable. The difference in classes may separate us physically during classes, but you will definitely see us roaming around together during break times and sometimes even jump from class to class, along the corridor, just to talk to each other while the teacher is making her way to our class, which was then, blocks away from the office (damn good advantage because we have shorter class time :P)
Somehow, we have plenty to talk about, to laugh about, plenty of silly acts to do, endless bliss when hanging out with them girls. Looking back the years, it has been quite a while since we first knew each other, and the experience was rather epic as well. No awkwardness, we just blended in together like fruit juice and since then, glued together like some crazy siamese twins (regardless of the number that is).
Sure they have been there for me just like how best friends are supposed to, not to mention how we share the coldest jokes ever and still laugh our asses off, share discontentment (towards everything within school and without), tears, despair, basically everything.

No one ever questioned how we can fight like kids and laugh together the next moment. No one ever questioned how we never fail to act like kids when together. No one ever questioned about the jokes we laugh about among ourselves (inside jokes). No one ever questioned our friendship. No one.
It was natural. Nothing fake about it. No facade. No hard feelings.
There may be certain times where we have dispute, but nothing beats our friendship of many years. Absolutely nothing.

This mini-gathering this afternoon was certainly one to treasure, for we do not know when will we have another chance to get together again, and chatter the hours away, do crazy stuffs, only we feel absolutely normal when we do them. Nothing has changed much actually. So they said, I still do the usual childish things, just like how i did in high school; exp. lying down on ShuNing's lap making her stroke my forehead. Nothing has changed. I still feel like we're just like any other school kids getting together and have fun. As XinWei said, not feeling old or anything, even though we reminisced about the old times where the memories were built within the school compound.
I will miss these girls, as how crazy we can be when together ;)

Time will light us a path to converge on each other again.
Forever and always,


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