self-created tune about a blue fluffy dolphin

Recently, out of curiosity, i clicked on a link posted on Twitter and it was about pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows. Besides that joker's face and the adorable props, the tune was catchy and got stuck in my head just one time watching it.
Well, aren't unicorn plushies so cute you wanna die?
I've seen kids in movies carrying those unicorn plushies around. I remember seeing it in Transformers and of course, Despicable Me!! So adorable!!
I need me one as well. And I want a pink and fluffy one!! It may or may not appear dancing on a rainbow that doesn't matter.

Here's the video if you want to watch it. Hazards warning.

So yesterday, I went to Matta Fair and caught up with my dad's ex-classmate and his wife. They were the bosses of one of the travel companies. So aunty gave me one of the door gifts - a blue fluffy dolphin! At first, I really thought it was a blue fluffy unicorn instead. Hahaha. Talk about obsession, talk about fetish. It was not big, just key chain sized, perfect, so I can bring it over to the US and hang at my new bag :) Its blue nature will sure stand out with my colorful pink red white green striped Jim Thompson bag *:)

Here's it.

Blue fluffy dolphin attack!!
Just kidding...
Still a young girl at heart, eve.


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