the assembly,

Sway Your Head - We Shot The Moon

Loving this song more every time it shuffles into my playlist 
loving it by the minute by the second

the big day was on the 29th of July. i looked back at my posts and gasped in horror at the absence about it in my archive. definitely not something that i would miss out since it was a rather big thing.
anyways, better late then never :)
arrived slightly late as i tagged along Xuan's car and was in her house making tuna cucumber sandwiches for everybody. received a warm welcome from everybody especially the host, Jack, who is going to further his studies at Scotland. well, being me, i managed to talk to everyone there, even those whom i seldom make contact with back in high school. anyways, have to ditch off that childish attitude of choosing your own cliques when the event is meant for everyone to catch up and socialize. am pretty sure some of them are still conservative as ever though.
was busy talking so i barely ate anything at the beginning and only ate the leftovers when i was done talking. need not mention how i didn't bother appearing in frames before and only did after i had completed my to-do list.

some people thinks challenge is a joke. I challenged my best friend to finish a watermelon as quickly as possible and she ended up laughing only and by the time i finished mine, looked over, she only took a bite. the toot? not sporting. cheh.

it was great to see PauLing again. that lawyer soon to be was pretty as ever! and well, we never changed much, still posing the same way when we take a picture and talk the same way, always so animated and intoxicated like.

SuQi definitely lost some weight. her face was longer and has a sharper chin now. haven't seen her and talked to her since high school. somehow some people just mia the moment we are separated. when they leave, they gone for real. and she blamed me for not keeping her update. what?

these two guys are the ones i still talk to, JoKeat and MewYin. well, i would say Jo is my best partner (was meant to write 'bitch' but felt bad) ever. though we seldom ever meet up after high school, we talk like best friends often enough to keep the friendship going. nice dude. he's funny though. selalu mau emo emo. music pun mau emo emo punya. memang ada problem la ini orang. and i still feel like a friggin counselor whenever i talk to MewYin. that guy has much to learn about :)

Jasmine was as sweet as ever. carrying around that D90 in her small stature, taking pictures of everybody, she was one candy pie :D

Rachel and Mans were still the same. was prancing around the living room talking to everybody and caught sight of them sharing moments at a private corner under the staircase, alongside PauLing and Jasmine. being the busybody, i asked for permission and joined them. managed to stole a picture with them girls :)

Joel, the shy class monitor for three consecutive years, still kept his boyish face and his interest in creating something new. our future inventor :)

WeeHan is still as buffalo as ever! Hahaha, just as loud. never changed.

ShuNing and YiXuan *:) No comment lol.

more girls *:)

more guys *:)

last but not least, smile for the camera everyone! though not everyone was there, the 5BR spirit remains.
forever and always,

love, peining

Picture credit: Jasmine in her DSLR, PauLing in her classic looking canon semi DSLR


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