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Ladies and gentlemen, Europe!

We have planned for this tour of Europe as this would be the last chance that the whole family could go together. So, we arranged for my son, Yi Hui, to fly in from US to meet us in Paris, where we stayed for three nights. The apartment belongs to a French woman, Annie. She reminded us that the staircase is 130 years old and 'you can break all other things in the apartment but not the staircase'.

The view of Paris with Eiffel Tower in the background was taken from the top floor of Galerie Lafayette, a well known department store. The dome of the store is something you need to see for yourself. It is so beautiful.

Of course, everybody has to see Eiffel Tower and maybe go up the tower for a bird's eye view. To take this night scene means waiting until at least 10pm as the sun sets only then. So it's best to go to Europe in summer when you have lots of daylight for sightseeing.

We went to Nice by fast train, TGV. Only 200km/hour, not as fast as China's train nowadays. And took a bus to this beautiful medieval village, St Paul de Vence. All old stone houses and cobbled lanes. Only a few hundred people live here but 2.5 million visit.

Next stop, Rome with the beautiful Colosseum. Then it is pasta, pizza, pasta, pizza and pasta. Do you know that for a proper dinner they have appetizer, first meal (pasta), second main course (meat) and then dessert and coffee. We only managed one. Of course, Euro prices.

Venice is full of tourists and hot, hot and hot like Malaysia. And nice Gondola rides for deep pocket tourists. You won't think that Italy is facing some economic crisis.

To be continued...


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