Europe (daddy)

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We were in Pisa, of course, to see the leaning tower and the other monuments in Miracle Field. Most of the monuments have been spotlessly cleaned of all the accumulated dirt everywhere in Italy with some in progress.

Florence with the famous Ponte Vecchio in the background has mostly jewellery shops on the bridge. The designs are all so exquisite, so Italian. Plenty of leather ware shopping also in Florence. The Uffizi Gallery is on the right where you can see the original Michelangelo's David, while the copy is outside at Signoria Square.

After a week in Italy, our last stop was in Milan and the next morning was an early train ride to Tirano at the border of Italy and Switzerland, where we boarded the four hours scenic train ride, Bernina Express, through the Swiss Alps to Chur. The scenery was postcard perfect. And then to Lucern where we stayed at this beautiful Swiss Chalet by the lake, where everything creaks, because it is an old timber house. You could almost imagine a cuckoo bird coming out from a window.

To the top of the mountain at Mt. Titlis, 10,000 feet. And you will think that you are in Kashmir and China at once. Indian tourists and you can hear Putonghua. There is only a sprinkling of pale faces. In fact, Switzerland seems to be the favorite country for Indians as they were there by the bus loads and train loads. But Chinese, they are everywhere on tours and travelling on their own.

To be continued...


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