the count down.

Turning Tables - Adele

 Holy shits I did not realize that I have not posted this up!! Anyways, this was written on the 16th of August, just in case you wonder. And that was so long ago. Sorry as well, for slacking off blogging. I have plenty to tell!! But, have yet to find the energy to do so :P

Counting down the days, it has been almost 3 months that I have gone jobless, aimless, the biggest procrastinator of the century. It is rather tragic because I just let the cobwebs manifest my brain.
Plus, I realized that the littlest things that make me make use of my brain or require more thinking than usual will trigger my bad migraine. It is not a good sign. What happens when school starts? What happens when I have to study for exams? Wouldn't i just die of the bad throbbing headache? So tragic.
I might actually consider doing a brain scan one day. This migraine cycle is sorta freaky actually.
I may sleep through the night with that headache still going on, but when I wake up in the morning, it continues. In fact, the amount of paracetamol that I have taken to numb off the pain may already created the  tolerance effect.
Right now, it is slowly sliding off, only coming back once in a while in a very mild version.
Consulted my first doctor, Hiran, who just activated his Facebook account this afternoon. So nice to talk to him after such a long time again and how honored i am to be his first friend on Facebook :)
You may ask how's the packing and all.
Well, it is almost done so far, with a little more to fit in to my backpack, still wondering how it'll look like with my laptop and all inside. The amount of stuff I'm bringing is not enough to fit into both my big luggage and there's still some extra clothes I have to carry with me in my backpack.
Sigh... I small girl like me has stuff weighing more than I do to bring. What to do? I already tried my best to minimize the stuff I am going to bring and still...

Till I leave the country,
Pei Ning.


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