I'm Not Missing You - Stacie Oricco

such contradiction if i were to deny the above song title...

something about today that made me feel all lazy and unproductive
woke up in the morning to some noise coming from downstairs (the living room i presume), and so i was right, there was a visitor in my house. checked the time on my phone, it was already way past 12 noon
i guess the lazy bug got to me and i was infected, the entire day i was just zombieing around the house being unproductive, well at least i felt that i wasn't
i wanted to watch a movie, but stopped about 15 minutes later
i wanted to sing some songs, not any song came to my mind so i shut up in the end
i wanted to listen to some songs, but the catchy rhythm just zombied in and out of my ears
i wanted to grab something to keep my mouth busy, there's nothing at home to munch on
i wanted to play the piano, it sounded like crap and spoilt my already kaput mood
i wanted to read a book, i stopped almost immediately after the first sentence
i have no mood for whatever thing today, simply none
i need to get back to track in search of my mood, my inspiration, i don't even feel like writing this post actually, but i forced myself to, just a heads up for everyone about how much i am a potato couch today
i sleep a lot lately, more than i supposed to, and that makes me think of a life of a retiree, boring, mundane, unproductive and obviously, like you're only waiting for death to come knocking at your door
do i sound like i'm joking? cause i'm not
my whole body feels like it is losing its energy, so tired, so lethargic
i need a body massage, to relax my muscles, but i am ticklish, so what now?
i feel like i am contradicting myself, or maybe i am just babbling a bunch of nonsensical period absent sentences throughout
meh i need someone to inject some adrenaline into my lifeless and almost soulless body
i need some life into my boring life
i need some color into my black and white film in this 21st century
i need life in conclusion

uh bye
no mood
talk to ya later


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