Music + Passion = Bliss

It feels so good to have my fingers run wild

On the black and white keys of the piano again.

Harmony of the delicacies of the Classical

Indulges and drown my thoughts once again.

The master piece of Debussy's

Picked up my soul from the hustle bustles of life.

A sad scenario of many claiming

" I enjoy music more than anything in life "

Yet oblivious of the real definition of music to others

Who interpret music literature in a whole new way.

No offence but if given a choice between Yiruma - River Flows in You and Chopin - Fantasie Impromptu, many would prefer Yiruma's. No doubt about it.


Nostalgic Evelyn

Librarian 2009

Sometimes, when I contemplate about things, things about librarians hovered in my little mind.

I still feel that our B.O.Ds are not working together as one and librarians are so divided. Not only that, I think Pn. Zaini is trying too hard to take control of everything. Sometimes she did not realise that she is only the teacher adviser of librarians and is supposed to give advise and let the librarians or event committee do the rest.

Probates are a disappointment. Their performances seems to be deteriorating these years. Not to brag that my year was good but we greeted all our seniors cheerfully and not forcefully. Guess people now are getting way to casual and not so civilised.

Overall, I'm satisfied with Mr. President - Kow Kay Jun and Ms. Vice President - Gloria Chan who were doing a great job in keeping the club going and uniting everyone. Great Job.

As for me, I think I slack a lot in this club. Blame me all you want. I'll try to keep up the pace. :D


Cambodia I ( Angkor Thom )

Guess most of you had already watched the first Tomb Raider movie which partly, was taken in Ta Phrom, which was located at the east of the Angkor Thom. That was Angelina Jolie in the movie but me in real life! Check this out!


For your information, the Angkor Thom is superbly big and the legendary Angkor Wat (one of the 13 finalists to be the new seven wonders of the world) was just part of the Angkor Thom. * Gasp* Not to forget Geography amateurs, Angkor Wat is in Cambodia and Cambodia is... HERE!

Map image

Well, the country borders Thailand to its west and northwest, Laos to its northeast, and Vietnam to its east and southeast.


See? They even have Angkor Wat on their national flag! Impressive...

Right, cut the crap. Passed through the South gate before entering the first destination, Bayon. As you can see, there are two rows of human-like thing forming the borders to the gate, the left side of me in the picture are the Devils while the right are the Gods. So they form something like God vs Demon thing.

IMG_6099 IMG_6094

The holy side.

Built in the late 12th century and early 13th century, the Bayon stands at the centre of Jayavarman VII's capital - the Angkor Thom. The Bayon's most distinctive feature is its massive stone faces on the many towers ( each tower consists of four faces each facing North, South, East and West ). This temple was once house to 49 of such towers but 12 of them were either destroyed or collapsed by its own leaving the other 37 standing.

IMG_6147IMG_6154 IMG_0150 IMG_6159 IMG_6186

Passed by the Terrace of the Elephants which was named because of the the elephant carvings on the stones along the 350m terrace. It was used for the king, Jayavarman VII as a platform to view his victorious returning army from the war and also to watch acrobatic shows.


IMG_6208 200px-Terrace-of-the-elephants

This used to be the imperial palace for the king...


To be continued...


Japan Part V

There are many other stuff I did while I was in Japan such as Ken Dou, making mochi, writing Chinese calligraphy and eating sushi.

I was " assigned " to hit the dummy with all the other small children. It was fun at the beginning but seeing the others of my age having sword fight with each other, I felt like I was omitted from the group. However, being able to wear the Ken Dou uniform mended all the unpleasant feelings.P1010594 P1010587 P1010588 P1010592

Next was making mochi for New Year! It was fun doing something which can warm my cold pair of hands during winter. :D

P1010535 P1010536 P1010516 P1010518

Writing Chinese calligraphy was one of my favourite activities. Main reason was because my writing is not bad! The ones with black ink are mine!

P1010573 P1010580 P1010575P1010577

Of course, eating sushi was a bliss. Love raw salmon. Unfortunately, I choked on the cuttle fish sushi. ;P

P1010607 P1010606 P1010599 P1010598

At the airport back to Malaysia!

IMG_0042 IMG_0044


Satisfied Evelyn

Japan Part IV ( A Little Ski )

Skiing is one of the most loved sports in the world. It can be fun yet dangerous at the same time. However, my ski experience in Japan was a little dangerous yet enjoyable.

I had once skied during my trip to Korea in year 2005. I admit that I managed it well enough as a beginner. However, things had changed when I skied in Japan. I was still at the beginner slope but things does not work that well for me.

I kept on fell and fell and there was once, the lift almost hit me from the back but fortunately, I was pulled to the side by the guard there in time. If it were not for him, I would be lying in the hospital right now. Sad to say, even the 5 year old kid did way better than me.


After the first session, we stopped for lunch and I was exhausted for all the falling down and getting up process I had been through. I you had the opportunity to ski, you would probably know what I meant. It was excruciating! I even fell asleep at the table after lunch. =.=

Fortunately, something put a halt to my short nap and I woke up and went out. I picked up my ski gadgets and headed to the park with determination. I believe I will reap what I have sown before lunch.


As expected, I performed well and did not fall as frequent as before. Was really pleased. I love skiing! Forever will adore it.

In the meanwhile, do enjoy the snow fall pictures!P1010246 P1010243 P1010255 P1010256

Happy Evelyn


A trip to Japan really changed my life. I have learned how to think, talk, do and most importantly, I have built my courage.

I used to be a person whom people often use the word " cowardly " to describe. I used to have stage fright, fear going into the confined space for my piano exams and even public speaking. When I get nervous, nothing seems to form in my head and all I can do was looking at the person or the crowd with an open jaw. So, I really sucked at these things.

However, situations in Japan shone light upon my miserable fears. I had learnt how to speak spontaneously and also to give impromptu speeches. That was how I stacked building bricks to the wall of courage.

Vivid memory on how I accepted Li Ann's offer to lead the Leo pledge hovers in my mind these few days. I could not believe that I managed it so well even though I ran into the room for being late. I was trying hard to catch my breath while saying the pledge out loud but I neither feel nervous nor shaking in my knees. After the pledge was over, that marked the end of my first task in the meeting.

Everything goes on as normal till the sharing experience session came. Only Pei Shan and I went out to give a speech. I prepared a speech for this session once I came back from Japan since I have to prepare a report for the Youth Exchange Program too. However, when I was out there presenting my experiences, it seemed like it was spontaneous! My written speech was practically a guideline. I admit that I was a little erratic yet over-excited at times, but my speech was quite fluent and I was a little astonished to have so many of them being a little engrossed listening to me. They even laugh at my little lame jokes. That pleased me though.

After my wonderful speech, I turned my head reluctantly towards Lion Ivan and Pn. Vasanthy and saw both of them smiled gracefully at me. My heart melted as I knew that were great signs. I knew I did a splendid job and Lion Ivan must be proud and pleased with me! WEE~~ Maybe a little "perasan" here.

A trip to Japan built my courage and I am really happy to be able to do things a little more confidently and am proud to be able to give such a great speech. I hope those whose parents allow them to participate in this program will grab the once in a life time opportunity.

I fully support this program and am proud to tell everyone that I am a LEO who have attended Youth Exchange Program to Japan!


Confident Evelyn

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