Japan Part IV ( A Little Ski )

Skiing is one of the most loved sports in the world. It can be fun yet dangerous at the same time. However, my ski experience in Japan was a little dangerous yet enjoyable.

I had once skied during my trip to Korea in year 2005. I admit that I managed it well enough as a beginner. However, things had changed when I skied in Japan. I was still at the beginner slope but things does not work that well for me.

I kept on fell and fell and there was once, the lift almost hit me from the back but fortunately, I was pulled to the side by the guard there in time. If it were not for him, I would be lying in the hospital right now. Sad to say, even the 5 year old kid did way better than me.


After the first session, we stopped for lunch and I was exhausted for all the falling down and getting up process I had been through. I you had the opportunity to ski, you would probably know what I meant. It was excruciating! I even fell asleep at the table after lunch. =.=

Fortunately, something put a halt to my short nap and I woke up and went out. I picked up my ski gadgets and headed to the park with determination. I believe I will reap what I have sown before lunch.


As expected, I performed well and did not fall as frequent as before. Was really pleased. I love skiing! Forever will adore it.

In the meanwhile, do enjoy the snow fall pictures!P1010246 P1010243 P1010255 P1010256

Happy Evelyn


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