A trip to Japan really changed my life. I have learned how to think, talk, do and most importantly, I have built my courage.

I used to be a person whom people often use the word " cowardly " to describe. I used to have stage fright, fear going into the confined space for my piano exams and even public speaking. When I get nervous, nothing seems to form in my head and all I can do was looking at the person or the crowd with an open jaw. So, I really sucked at these things.

However, situations in Japan shone light upon my miserable fears. I had learnt how to speak spontaneously and also to give impromptu speeches. That was how I stacked building bricks to the wall of courage.

Vivid memory on how I accepted Li Ann's offer to lead the Leo pledge hovers in my mind these few days. I could not believe that I managed it so well even though I ran into the room for being late. I was trying hard to catch my breath while saying the pledge out loud but I neither feel nervous nor shaking in my knees. After the pledge was over, that marked the end of my first task in the meeting.

Everything goes on as normal till the sharing experience session came. Only Pei Shan and I went out to give a speech. I prepared a speech for this session once I came back from Japan since I have to prepare a report for the Youth Exchange Program too. However, when I was out there presenting my experiences, it seemed like it was spontaneous! My written speech was practically a guideline. I admit that I was a little erratic yet over-excited at times, but my speech was quite fluent and I was a little astonished to have so many of them being a little engrossed listening to me. They even laugh at my little lame jokes. That pleased me though.

After my wonderful speech, I turned my head reluctantly towards Lion Ivan and Pn. Vasanthy and saw both of them smiled gracefully at me. My heart melted as I knew that were great signs. I knew I did a splendid job and Lion Ivan must be proud and pleased with me! WEE~~ Maybe a little "perasan" here.

A trip to Japan built my courage and I am really happy to be able to do things a little more confidently and am proud to be able to give such a great speech. I hope those whose parents allow them to participate in this program will grab the once in a life time opportunity.

I fully support this program and am proud to tell everyone that I am a LEO who have attended Youth Exchange Program to Japan!


Confident Evelyn


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