SASA Dining Etiquette 2009

Falling For You – Colbie Callait

Hola, I just came back from one of SASA’s events and trainings and it was the dining etiquette. I guess you might be able to figure out what it was about through the name of it. It is indeed about table etiquette.

Unfortunately, I didn’t bring my camera along and so did everyone else. Everybody was expecting somebody else to bring the camera and in the end, no one did. So no pictures on this event.

Dinner etiquette was a function and training session where we had one of our HELP staff who is a French, taught us some of the basic things about dining in. It is rather important especially when we dine with our bosses or clients in the future.

Surprisingly, most of the SASA-rians were quite raw in this kind of event. They didn’t know how to work with napkins and the myriad cutleries. They do not even know how to place their cutleries after meals. Maybe they weren’t exposed to these kind of functions before this.

So it was just another kind of complete dinner for me and I manage to talk to many other SASA-rians who attended the dinner too. It was crazy to see that everyone were so good in socialising and it was at the same time overwhelming that we are now a big family and is going to do many more interesting activities organised by HELP university college specially for us SASA-rians soon.

However, there is still a sad thing that I got to know everybody whom I talked and conversed with are either taking A-levels or Foundation in HELP and NONE OF THEM ARE TAKING ADP! I guess I just have to make new friends when I enter my brand new classroom in days to come. For that, I’m feeling enthusiastic and anxious at the same time for going to college. * shrugs *

IMG_0089  this is it

Till my next post. Tata~

Love, eve.

The New Phase

Future Love – Kristinia DeBarge


I know this may sound mundane and is a repetition of most of the other Form 5 students or bloggers, but I would still like to express how relieve I am for the fact that SPM has finally come to an end. After months and months of grueling and all the refrains from watching the television and going online. And finally, no more tuitions.

Think life will be much better off after SPM? Well, I’ll stop you right there. Do think again. If you hadn’t realise, this exam just put a period to our previously comfortable and over-protected lives. Before this, our lives are practically well-planned out for us. All we got to do was just obeying the routine of going to school, just like any other kids in the whole country. Our parents or elderly would eventually be there to enrol us into school and before you even realise what was happening, you are already sitting in a classroom with many unfamiliar faces staring at each other. Need not say, this phenomenon will then repeats itself when we enter high school.

However, things may get a little different now. It is all about making decisions and planning ahead for your future or you’ll just stop at that phase and never move on. It is like a crossroad, but with more than just four routes to take. You can only pick one from the many, and it has to be the right one as it holds your future right ahead. You may think this is it, but after a few years, you might start to regret but there’s no turning back. You just have to go on and bear with it for the rest of your life.

This may sound distressing but it is still the cruel reality and it is undeniable that it is like that. Anyway, don’t mind that long winded lecture. :D

If you are wondering what I will be doing after this, I am going to HELP university college to pursue higher education and going in for January intake. This indirectly mean that I have only half a month of holiday before starting again. Anyway, I will be doing the American Degree Program there and is planning to major in psychology after that.

Well, before this, I totally had no idea what I am going to do after SPM, but after my trip to Japan last year, I met this young lady around her early 20s who just graduated as a fine art student in the States. When I expressed my distress on not being able to decide what to do after high school, she told me that she too, had the same situation before this. It is true for what she said, ‘ You will eventually know what you want when time comes.’ I was really puzzled at first but when it really did happened to me, I felt grateful and hopeful once more. So for you guys out there who feel frustrated over this issue, my advice to you is to take your time out and be sensitive to the things going on around you. You will find your interest and dreams to pursue sooner or later. So cheer up! :D

True courage is to pursue one’s dream when everyone says its impossible.


Love, eve.


Kiss The Rain - Yiruma

That day, we parted ways to pursue our dreams

Watching his distinct shadow fade away
And finally disappear from that corner of that building
I knew deep down we were different
Even though our hearts still have each other

Few years after that moment
Will we converge on each other
And smile to one another
When we brush pass at the shoulders?
Will we be quiet
Will we be hushed
But the silent conversation goes on
While the fear to break the love bubble keeps?

It will then be a beautiful disaster
for the love and affection remains.


Along with this post, this is one of my all time favourite piece by Claude Debussy. I practised this for quite a while and this is it! Enjoy. I would appreciate if you could spend sometime to comment this video. Preferably in blogger or in you tube and not in my cbox as I want to keep this comment as long as possible. TQ.

If I can trade everything just to have yesterday
I wouldn't be living in remorse
Not at least for now
Not at least for years to come

Love, Eve.

Memoir of Exam.

Fantasie Impromptu Op.66 in C# minor – Chopin ( Yundi Li)

During the devastating exam period, I was stressed out, like any other students. My lungs felt like they were balloons being inflated to the point where it can burst anytime. I felt it expanding, bloating and when it finally did exploded, I burst into tears. I knew i could no longer contain my anxiousness and will collapse sooner or later, so I turned into her.

I was whining while complaining to her just to hope for some sympathy and advice in return so that they could distract myself from the tension I was going through. I was more than shocked when I received an incredulously unfriendly comment from her. I was taken aback by the piercing words escaping from her mouth and took a step back. My heart ached and felt like it was being stabbed. Blood gushed through the arteries and blushed my face. My ears were hot. I clenched my fist so tight that it hurts like hell.

Stomping my way hard on the stairs, I bolted up and slammed the door hard behind my back. A loud bang was generated as a result of the big force i exerted. I plunged into my bed and settled my head between my palms. A stream of tears rolled down my cheeks and stained my pillow. Dark dots accumulated at the area beneath my chin.

I was furious and disappointed at her inconsiderate remarks. I started to recall how she would give my sister a warm and loving hug when she was undergoing exam tension. Slowly, my anger built up in me and conquered my mind, triggering my tear glands at the same time. My sight blurred out and once again, I cried out loud.

Soon, my face was sticky and filled with dried tears stain. I pulled myself out from bed and quickly held my study table for support. My head felt heavy and I was extremely dizzy. I dragged myself to the washroom and washed my face. When I looked myself in the mirror, I saw a girl I no longer recognised staring straight back at me. Her eyes were red with veins visible from distance. I saw the disappointment and the strong sombre mood in her, but she had to go on with her studies by hook or by crook for the deathly paper in just few hours time.

I wrapped up the myraid thoughts that flashed past so quickly in my mind before resuming to my studies. It was nearly 2 o’clock in the morning when I was still struggling to cram all the terms and explanations into my tiny brain. Suddenly, my train of thoughts was broken by the string of knockings on my room door. I called out to ask who was it although I knew deep down, it was her. Just then, I found out my voice was cracked due to the prolonged crying I had before.

Reluctantly, I climbed out of bed and twisted the door knob. The lock jerked up and the door creaked open. It was her! I was surprised to see her up so late at night although I was hoping it was her to appear at my doorstep. She mumbled a silent apology and opened her arms wide while I fell in it. She wrapped her hands round my back and whispered into my ears. “ Go to bed and get some sleep. Its okay if you could not get good results. I know you have tried your best. Now wash up and rest. I’ll wake you up the first thing in the morning.” My heart melted. I nodded profusely while tears built up in my eyes again.

Live life like a ballerina. Light and gracefully, gliding past all the difficult times. You’ll be amazed by how you’ll find moments to laugh at when you look back to it.


Love, eve.

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