Kiss The Rain - Yiruma

That day, we parted ways to pursue our dreams

Watching his distinct shadow fade away
And finally disappear from that corner of that building
I knew deep down we were different
Even though our hearts still have each other

Few years after that moment
Will we converge on each other
And smile to one another
When we brush pass at the shoulders?
Will we be quiet
Will we be hushed
But the silent conversation goes on
While the fear to break the love bubble keeps?

It will then be a beautiful disaster
for the love and affection remains.


Along with this post, this is one of my all time favourite piece by Claude Debussy. I practised this for quite a while and this is it! Enjoy. I would appreciate if you could spend sometime to comment this video. Preferably in blogger or in you tube and not in my cbox as I want to keep this comment as long as possible. TQ.

If I can trade everything just to have yesterday
I wouldn't be living in remorse
Not at least for now
Not at least for years to come

Love, Eve.


JoKeat said...
Thursday, December 10, 2009

Love the music. It goes well with the poem. A real nostalgic taste to what we're going through now. Good Job girl!

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