SASA Dining Etiquette 2009

Falling For You – Colbie Callait

Hola, I just came back from one of SASA’s events and trainings and it was the dining etiquette. I guess you might be able to figure out what it was about through the name of it. It is indeed about table etiquette.

Unfortunately, I didn’t bring my camera along and so did everyone else. Everybody was expecting somebody else to bring the camera and in the end, no one did. So no pictures on this event.

Dinner etiquette was a function and training session where we had one of our HELP staff who is a French, taught us some of the basic things about dining in. It is rather important especially when we dine with our bosses or clients in the future.

Surprisingly, most of the SASA-rians were quite raw in this kind of event. They didn’t know how to work with napkins and the myriad cutleries. They do not even know how to place their cutleries after meals. Maybe they weren’t exposed to these kind of functions before this.

So it was just another kind of complete dinner for me and I manage to talk to many other SASA-rians who attended the dinner too. It was crazy to see that everyone were so good in socialising and it was at the same time overwhelming that we are now a big family and is going to do many more interesting activities organised by HELP university college specially for us SASA-rians soon.

However, there is still a sad thing that I got to know everybody whom I talked and conversed with are either taking A-levels or Foundation in HELP and NONE OF THEM ARE TAKING ADP! I guess I just have to make new friends when I enter my brand new classroom in days to come. For that, I’m feeling enthusiastic and anxious at the same time for going to college. * shrugs *

IMG_0089  this is it

Till my next post. Tata~

Love, eve.


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