Memoir of Exam.

Fantasie Impromptu Op.66 in C# minor – Chopin ( Yundi Li)

During the devastating exam period, I was stressed out, like any other students. My lungs felt like they were balloons being inflated to the point where it can burst anytime. I felt it expanding, bloating and when it finally did exploded, I burst into tears. I knew i could no longer contain my anxiousness and will collapse sooner or later, so I turned into her.

I was whining while complaining to her just to hope for some sympathy and advice in return so that they could distract myself from the tension I was going through. I was more than shocked when I received an incredulously unfriendly comment from her. I was taken aback by the piercing words escaping from her mouth and took a step back. My heart ached and felt like it was being stabbed. Blood gushed through the arteries and blushed my face. My ears were hot. I clenched my fist so tight that it hurts like hell.

Stomping my way hard on the stairs, I bolted up and slammed the door hard behind my back. A loud bang was generated as a result of the big force i exerted. I plunged into my bed and settled my head between my palms. A stream of tears rolled down my cheeks and stained my pillow. Dark dots accumulated at the area beneath my chin.

I was furious and disappointed at her inconsiderate remarks. I started to recall how she would give my sister a warm and loving hug when she was undergoing exam tension. Slowly, my anger built up in me and conquered my mind, triggering my tear glands at the same time. My sight blurred out and once again, I cried out loud.

Soon, my face was sticky and filled with dried tears stain. I pulled myself out from bed and quickly held my study table for support. My head felt heavy and I was extremely dizzy. I dragged myself to the washroom and washed my face. When I looked myself in the mirror, I saw a girl I no longer recognised staring straight back at me. Her eyes were red with veins visible from distance. I saw the disappointment and the strong sombre mood in her, but she had to go on with her studies by hook or by crook for the deathly paper in just few hours time.

I wrapped up the myraid thoughts that flashed past so quickly in my mind before resuming to my studies. It was nearly 2 o’clock in the morning when I was still struggling to cram all the terms and explanations into my tiny brain. Suddenly, my train of thoughts was broken by the string of knockings on my room door. I called out to ask who was it although I knew deep down, it was her. Just then, I found out my voice was cracked due to the prolonged crying I had before.

Reluctantly, I climbed out of bed and twisted the door knob. The lock jerked up and the door creaked open. It was her! I was surprised to see her up so late at night although I was hoping it was her to appear at my doorstep. She mumbled a silent apology and opened her arms wide while I fell in it. She wrapped her hands round my back and whispered into my ears. “ Go to bed and get some sleep. Its okay if you could not get good results. I know you have tried your best. Now wash up and rest. I’ll wake you up the first thing in the morning.” My heart melted. I nodded profusely while tears built up in my eyes again.

Live life like a ballerina. Light and gracefully, gliding past all the difficult times. You’ll be amazed by how you’ll find moments to laugh at when you look back to it.


Love, eve.


阿 零 said...
Monday, December 14, 2009

nearly cried while reading. *hug* stress is really scary! a hug cures everything~

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