Rhapsody Gone Wild.

Kelly Clarkson - Already Gone

Clearly, trials had really put the day light out of our exuberant and animated life and made us ended up sulking and moaning about everything. Trials undeniably requires lots of efforts and concentration in order to make it pass the grueling process.

Now that trials is almost over, my vigorous study pace came to a halt. Crucial to get some rest and a perfect getaway from the brain-cells-killing exam besides celebrating my good friend's birthday, I joined in the fun on Monday, 21st September, 2009.

Reached there earlier than expected at 5.00pm. Couldn't resist the smirk I put up when Yi Xuan finally arrived with Gloria. I was in fact quite a stranger to those who arrived after me so I sat there quietly, trying hard not to make my presence significant. It was way awkward.

Things got better after that. The piano was open, Daniel arriving and the others ( couldn't be bothered to mention names ). When it was time to eat, everybody went to crowd around the food. So the congestion was bad and Yi Xuan and I decided to hold the meal back. The thing I got with piano is I couldn't really resist myself from approaching the piano when I see one. I could say I was pretty reluctant to play on it but in the end I did. This move itself caused a great commotion which could not even end. Not even after few days after the party. I could say I don't really know what happened but it was embarrassing.

Melvin Goh, the Jazz lover heard my playing through the massive chaos going on around him, which is what I don't understand till now. It was almost absurd because I myself couldn't really hear what I was playing. Well, don't bother me cause I'm practically babbling all the way.

So, what happened was after the eating session, Melvin approached me and asked when did I started playing the piano and inquired whether I can play the piece I played just now. I was dumbfounded but yet agreed like I was blowing feather off my hands. The confused part was I don't know what went wrong when those guys who were supposed to concentrate on their PS2 game shifted their attention to us. So here comes the teasing and all and the worst part was I couldn't turn around while continuing with my playing as the notes were jumping.

" OHH! Melvin blushing!" " Come on, she's waiting!" " OMG! Look at Melvin!" etc. sort of comments filled my ears. At that moment, I realised I wasn't actually listening to my playing but to their feeble attempt to make Melvin walk away from where he was standing. The worst of all was when I finally finished my playing, everybody was once again, preoccupied with the things they were initially doing. It made me felt pathetic. But who cares, this thing itself made it to the almost no. 1 hit to those who went to the party and comments spammed the picture of the situation taken by God knows who in facebook.

 10530_139723135697_656625697_2726807_7902540_n 10530_139723105697_656625697_2726803_861643_n

Next up was the 'DARE' game. It was fun and insane! Unfortunately, I text my dad and told him to come to pick me up at 10pm or I would have had more fun. After a few lucky guys got picked through the spinning of the devil pencil, I was the first girl to get picked. Well, I think I am a dare girl but the first paper I picked was way out of my ability. " If you read this, do not tell anyone about this. CRY NOW!" Trying hard to drag the drama queen in me, I started pulling the sad face but tears just refused to break free from my lashes.

In the end, I gave up and picked another paper which happens to be Joseph's. It was supposed to be like this, " Pick up Pei Ning's hand and slap Montri." Curiosity struck everybody in the room when I stared blankly at the paper. I winked at Joseph while trying the solve the puzzle in the back of my mind. " Erm, I guess its... * SMACK* " Montri got himself a slap without knowing what was happening. Almost got a standing ovation for that spontaneous act. It was remarkable and everybody would like to see Montri gets a slap. :D

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So that was it. The highlight of the week I guess if nothing else interesting happens in days to come. 

When you discover your mission, you will feel its demand. It will fill you with enthusiasm and a burning desire to get to work on it.


Love, eve


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