Living as a true Malaysian.

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August 31st has come and gone once more. Despite the mass celebrations and revelry in the name of Malaysia being a united and independent country, many seemed to have missed the true meaning of being a dutiful and loyal Malaysian.

Countless remarks have been made by politicians through mass media that we as younger generations do not show patriotism towards our beloved country. But at times, it is undeniable that actions do not speak everything. From my point of view, meaning of being a true Malaysian must come from the heart. Some Malaysians may celebrate Merdeka as all the others do and even have flags hung over their compound or even on the roof of their car, but do they love Malaysia from the roots of their hearts?

I vouch that I may not show patriotism by celebrating Merdeka every year but I am a true Malaysian at heart. During my trip to overseas or recently to a homestay in Japan, I was definitely proud to declare that I am a Malaysian when inquired. I was especially disappointed and was let down when I discovered many Japanese put up a blank face when I mentioned Malaysia. It just puzzles me a lot why Malaysia, as such a significant country is not recognised, not even in Asia!

Therefore, I urge everyone to be true to yourself and serve this country truthfully as a Malaysian. It is not a quixotic idea to form 1 Malaysia and unite the whole nation, but it is up to us to strip off all the negative thoughts about other races, break the cold boundary which separates us and blend into each other's life. When one does and feels so, it is effortless to possess true patriotism qualities towards the country and live his live as a true Malaysian. I'm sure one wants to live in a country where people around the world don't even know it exists. :)

Love doing what you think is worth doing.


Love, eve.


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