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Warning : This is supposed to be something which happened few weeks ago. Exams is the culprit for the delay.

Usian Bolt has created history. If you are oblivious of this, you probably have to jump down the building now. The 23 years old world record holder for 100m sprint and 200m sprint, has shattered his own record for 100m sprint exactly one year after he did so in the Beijing Olympics 2008 with a short time of 9.58s on 16th August 2009.

In the meantime, he made the impossible possible when he created a new record in 200m with the split timing of 19.19s, exactly after one year he posted 19.30s at the Beijing Olympics to beat Micheal Johnson's 'untouchable' 19.32 from the Atlanta Games.

Newest research hypothyses that the longer a person's leg is, the bigger the leg muscle , thus creating the possibility of generating bigger energy to achieve higher velocity. Whatever it is, Bolt confessed that he still undergoes tight schedule of training to achieve better performance and admitted that he does not see a record as an achievement. However, the Jamaican said he wouldn't mind receiving a 'sir' title from queen Elizabeth and thinks that 'sir' Usian Bolt sounds pretty cool. :)


Love, Eve.


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