I've tried so hard. Just let me go.

Ne-yo - Mad

Lying down comfortably on the flower bed I breathed in my favourite lavender scent
Loneliness gradually drowned my fragile heart.

My body went numb of the piercing cold
Vulnerable and insignificance was all i felt
Until your warm hands reached out to mine
And that was then I realised, that
You have always been right beside me.

Before you showed up in my trivial life
Fairy tale was all I had in mind about love
Ideal, flawless yet unreachable
As for now, I see and realised
I have never appreciated you till you're gone
But now that i have you back again
I will cherish you for the rest of my life

The fact that I finally bow out gracefully
And stop telling you how much I do love you
Res ipsa loquitur
Let the truth speak for themselves
Let actions show affection

We don't often realise what we have till we lose them. Don't make the same mistake as those who have already made it.
Poem by Kelvin Loh and I

Love, Eve


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