Connie Talbot!!

Meet Connie Talbot from Talent show - Britain's Got Talent.

Meet Bianca Ryan who is able to blow you away when she sings..

Top 24?

American Idol has down to top 24 and there are young, talented and good-looking ones. Aha... take a look at them...The top 24!!He made it through..
She's cool...

Happy Valentines Day!!

Today is the day for couples to show their passionate side of them!! However, to me, Valentines Day is just another special day of the year and it is the day where you can actually show your love or care for someone without needing to feel embarassed about it. So does that change your mind about what Valentines are for??

Just a poem..

Roses are red
Violets are blue
May my sincere heart
Always stay in you
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Time goes by
But I remain with you
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Sugars are sweet
Just like you

My Valentine's present from Yi Xuan!! Hearts her.. From Charlotte of form 6 blue house.. a prefect..

Khy Li came to my house today!! Erm.. just the same as before but why the hair and the earring?? He dyed his hair alright... and added a hole in his ear.... cool konon...

Posing actually...
Camera shy!!

He is going to school tomorrow... don't know for what??? We shall see...

American Idol!!

He is cool, he is good, he is just awesome...

Chinese New Year...

CNY is here!!! Guess what?? My house is so clean now... so pretty... so want to peek into it?

My living room...Television room??Stairway...My piano is beside this table.. The things hanging on the wall was from Chika..My parents collection from many countries.. you don't want to see my mum's refrigerator and her magnet board..

Listening to With You by Chris Brown

In Malacca..

When we were walking with my sister's host parents, we saw strange things... Tour guides pointing at the 1673 until the glass cracked..Same to the english version..Give peace a chance?Very peaceful...
Swallow nesting in hotel? Rare sight..

My sister's host parents..

My sister's host parents came to visit her few days before Chinese New Year. Guess what he bought for me? A grammar dictionary and a computer dictionary ( some kind of translate dictionary )Kanji and Hiragana dictionary..

And of course we brought him around KL and also my hometown - Malacca. They had fun and i can say that they are adorable and a smiley couple. They went back to Japan on New Year's Eve though so they don't get to celebrate CNY in Malaysia.In a restoran in Malacca..In St. John's hill..

In the airport... farewell~~

What i got from Japan??

During the December holidays, my brother went to Japan and he bought lots of stuffs back to Malaysia... However, i just manage to take pictures of the stuffs he and his host parents bought for me... ( lazy you know )Symetrical pencil and an eraser..Key chain from Universal Studio JapanA ringing thing for hp.. i don't have one..Erasable highlighter...

Majlis Anugerah Kecemerlangan Pendidikan

Originally, it was supposed to be something cool and appreciated by everyone. However, the Menteri Besar of Selangor made it all opposite. It turned out to be boring~~

We sat on the second bus which was not that crowded and there were only about 15-20 of us. When we reached there, OMG!! There were so many people and it took us about 10 minutes to squeeze through the tunnel into Stadium Melawati. There goes another 10 minutes looking for our seats in the stadium.

When the function starts, we were asked to sing Negaraku and Selangor song. After that comes the boring part. The emcees called names one by one at first then school. We were the last few to get to go on stage just to shake hand with the Menteri Besar. That made him so grand...

Guess what? I spent most of my time playing Michelle Ding's PSP.. muahaha... So time goes by.. minute by minute... in fact hour by hour. Then come to the food part... EWW~~~ it was disgusting.. not to say it was disgusting but it really taste horrible!! The chicken was black... The cup cake was better though..

I met few of my old friends there.. but only a few..haha..

So that was about the function.. and we are getting our money after Chinese New Year!!! * hooray *

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