P.S. I Love You

Jon McLaughlin - So Close

Pondering about how it all begin


Stunningly beautiful and wonderful, it was


I love the simplicity in our relationship

Love the way you move your fingers gracefully

On the black and white keys of the Grand

Vividly, I recall the time we spent together

Every second, every minute filled with laughter and bliss

You completed the circle of my life

Over the years I have been awaiting

Umpteen times I recited your name and finally destiny brought us together again


Love, Eve.

Librarian Installation 2009

Keith Urban - Kiss a Girl

Time is up for me to step down as a librarian. For 5 years, I've been trying and worked hard but all my efforts does not seemed to be recognised by anybody. Have I not done enough? Have I not tried hard enough?

As an ex-secretary of the librarian board, I have written all the minutes, reports, letters and have done whatever a secretary is supposed to do. The problems I am facing which nobody else knows about:

FIRST : Pn. Zaini insisted in checking all of them. Even the smallest mistake in the report she will point it out and make me print it again. That's her first problem.

SECOND : Pn. Zaini will promise me to check the stuff I wrote and get back to me as soon as she does. Till now, even though I stepped down, I still have a few minutes waiting for her to check and I bet the probability of her loosing those are like 10/10? Damn it. And she thinks that I didn't do work. Who's the inefficient one here? Get a mirror.

THIRD : As our ex-president, Grace Wong said, it doesn't mean that I am not committed to doing my job as a librarian when I don't show my face in the library that often like what the others do! I do care. It your damned attitude that pissed me off. I apologise for the language but its you. I did my part and its your responsibility to do yours and stop blaming them on me. You will still be the cause of my " slacking " attitude.


Installation was a mess. It was not organised at all. Not to say that I'm a show off but honestly I think the installation I organised last year was way better. At least it all went well. Mistakes :

FIRST : Emcees. Why can't they throw their poker face off and act well at least? They actually said " Wow! What a great performance by the ...! " with a stiff expression with got no resemblance that they are feeling impressed. Worse still, the emcees can be so ignorant that they got lost in the middle and not trying to figure out a way. Instead, they started communicating with the O.C. below the stage.

SECOND : Please know your stuff committees. Don't ask the teachers to walk up the stage to give out prizes all of a sudden. Make sure they know that they are going to give out the prizes soon or how many times. For God's sakes, you all made the teachers go down the stage and called them up again when they were making their way down. Its just all so confusing and not professional.

THIRD : Please don't have so high expectations that many will turn up for your lousy installation. Please don't arrange so many chairs and leave them empty cause there are none to fill them up! And the arrangement is stupid. It will just make the hall looks much more empty. Use your head.

FOURTH : Wonder who was the judge for the performance audition. The performances were lousy! All so potong, as in stop/end all of a sudden. The audience wouldn't know its time to clap when they all ended hanging. However, the last performance by ex-librarian Tiew Yan Shan was great.

What I enjoyed most was the walk to and back from cendol with MinYap, Johnathan Lee, Khai Sern, Xin Wei, Charlene, Yuen Hee and Yee Nern. :) Thank you Min Yap for buying us all cendol.

Sorry for any insult I might have said in this post. It all comes from the heart. Accept them or not, up to you.

Love, Eve.

A pair of doves. That's what we are.

Kara DioGuardi - Taking Chances

Sitting on a bench by the cafe

I was scrutinising lovers at the bay

I reminisced how alike we were yesterday

Compared to Romeo and Juliet in the play

You clasp my hands tight and goodbye is all you say

Then you leave me strolling alone by the walkway

Why do you have to go away?

You left me tearing everyday

For the fact that you couldn't stay

For now, all my hopes turn to hay

All my dreams turn grey

But all I can do is to pray

Hope God is there to cast some ray

Hope you receive the message I convey

And love me back if you may

Look inside yourself and find peace.

Love, Eve.

Blossoms In The Summer Days.

This is a beautiful poem I read from one of my assignments. Its in mandarin so I tried my best to translate it into English for those who doesn't understand Chinese characters. Enjoy! :)






How do I make your acquaintance?
At the most beautiful moment of my life

For this
I've prayed to God for 500 years
Wish we could have an exquisite destiny
My prayers were answered
God transformed me into a tree
Grown by the route you'd pass everyday

Under the affectionate sunlight
My flowers bloomed glamorously
Every blossom filled with the dreams and desires of my past life

When you approach
Can you hear
Those trembling leaves of mine?
That is me
Sincerely awaiting destiny

But when you pass by with nary a glance in my direction
Those which fall endlessly on the ground
My dearest
Are not the fragile petals
But are the broken pieces of my heart
There will always be light at the end of a dark path.
Love, Eve.

Beyond Ordinary ( 5BR).

Listening to: 萤火虫 ( Firefly) by Ariel Lin

5Br has undeniably became united over the year. Although the unity in us is still nothing compared to others, but for us to leave each other to pursue what we want in life now will be tougher than we thought it will be.

The class page was incredibly beautiful. Of course, credits to:

- Sarah Lee for putting so much effort in decorating it,

- Pau Ling, whose dad sponsored quite an amount of money and she herself going around snapping pictures for the class layout,

- Rachel, for collecting such a big sum of money and develop the pictures,

- Mei Yi, for getting so stressed out at the beginning just for the sick of this class page.

- Yi Lin, for providing all the valuable comments and ideas on how to make the class layout nicer,

- And those whom spend time & money just for our class layout.

Thank you, you all. :)


The Girls


The Guys



( Clockwise from top): Rachel Ho, Pau Ling, Sarah Lee & Yi Lin :)


( From left): Yen Kim, Shu Ning, Joel, Alan, Geber, Ming Soon, Yi Xuan & Pei Ning


( From left): Saranya, Abirami, Renesh, Sasvin & Hena :)


Yi Lin & Danielle Kot


Su Qi, Pei Ning & Mei Yi :)


( Clockwise from top): Cherissa, Sher Maine, Chow Ern, Yi Xuan


( From top left): Ming Long, Tho Hong, Nashvin

( From bottom left): Khai Sern, Jo Keat, Mew Yin, Satesh


Teck Yan with Xin Hui behind


Jasmine, Pau Ling & Rachel



( From bottom left): Sharon & Mei Ling


Yi Lin, Pn. Azlina, Mei Yi & Pau Ling :)


Shi Min, Sher Maine, Jo Keat, Jack, Teck Yan & Wee Han.



Our poise and elegant class layout...






Time shall part us but our hearts will never be parted.

Toast to Our Sweet Memories.


Love, Eve.

A Day Comes. Another Goes.


When I inclined my head to look at the gorgeous skyline, it was then that I realised we were up so early before dawn breaks for Sports Day. I was pacing towards the R&R while I kept my ears busy with all the chanting of timing of marchers from all contingents representing all houses and uniform body who were there earlier to practice for one last time before the real thing starts.

At 7.30am, the sun is up, trying to penetrate its ray through the thick layer of dark clouds but to no avail. Marchers gathered behind the hall to prepare themselves for the day. Within spilt seconds, green house and purple house marchers started to stomp their feet hard against the semen ground while chanting " Kiri, Kiri, Kiri Kanan Kiri...".

I waited anxiously under the shady tree, watching purple house marchers doing their formation in front of the stage and listening hard for Daniel's command in the mean time. By the time purple house marching team was out of sight, we made a grand entrance to the front of the stage. I was oblivious of the cheering crowd when I was shouting my lungs out while doing the formation ( It requires lots of shouting and 100x of spirit doing the Hakka thing and the Baseball routine ). After all the commotion blue house marchers had created, I vividly saw our headmistress's big grin. Guess our formation and sophisticated routine was beyond satisfaction?

We were lucky enough to be able to stand in the field for around 40 minutes in that cloudy morning. The sun was completely blocked by layers of thick clouds. However, I could not help but to sweat profusely as the air was still at that moment. Minutes before contingents were getting ready to leave the field, sunlight broke free and lighten the entire school ground. :)

After eaten two pathetic pieces of sandwiches and a piece of sugar rich donut, I went back to the stage as representative for prize-giving ceremony which then earned myself a pair of Adidas socks. :D I guess it was because of sugar rush, I was extremely high-spirited and was shouting and cheering as athletes zoomed pass me.

Clock struck 11.30am when all the marchers of all contingents gather around the front of the stage again. Sugar rush not over. I found myself cheering at the top of my lungs again. Finally, one of the important juncture of my high school life before graduating has arrived. Announcing the champion of this year's inter-house marching competition... The suspense was killing, although I knew it will be no other but Blue House. I let my head dropped while closing my eyes to listen to the instant quiet crowd after Pn. Doreen began announcing the result with my fingers crossed.

" Rumah... Hang... JEBAT! Blue house wins again! " I felt the chill slid down my spine then spread to the whole body till the tips of my trembling fingers. It wasn't the cold which caused it, in fact, the joy and achievement. I could not be any happier than that moment. Well, obviously I started cheering like a cheerleader alongside my teammates, subconsciously leaping up into the air with hands waving furiously. Watching Brandon, our house captain held the trophy firmly in the air was overwhelming.

I suddenly had the strong sense of deja vu. I found us doing the winning strategy again - Hakka in front of the cheering crowd. Of course, as usual, blue house marchers are crazy enough to paint our faces and that was one of the asset which carried us all the way to the top. * Cheers* All eyes were on us once more watching how we kicked it. It was plain bliss.


And therefore, Sports Day ended with blue house winning the champion for marching, second for house decorations and second for overall house cup. :D


Listening to: Dance With My Father Again by Luther Vandross

Love, Eve.

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