A pair of doves. That's what we are.

Kara DioGuardi - Taking Chances

Sitting on a bench by the cafe

I was scrutinising lovers at the bay

I reminisced how alike we were yesterday

Compared to Romeo and Juliet in the play

You clasp my hands tight and goodbye is all you say

Then you leave me strolling alone by the walkway

Why do you have to go away?

You left me tearing everyday

For the fact that you couldn't stay

For now, all my hopes turn to hay

All my dreams turn grey

But all I can do is to pray

Hope God is there to cast some ray

Hope you receive the message I convey

And love me back if you may

Look inside yourself and find peace.

Love, Eve.


Armani said...
Thursday, July 23, 2009

And you said, "Why do all your posts look like they're meant for me?"

I think at certain points in your blog, I can place the same too. CERTAIN points, not all.



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