Millionaire Dream Became Reality

Who wants to be a Millionaire? Slumdog Millionaire is definitely a good movie you shouldn't miss. Although The Curious Case of Benjamine Button has a whole load more nominations for the Oscar compared to Slumdog Millionaire, many preferred Slumdog Millionaire more than anything.

This significant British drama stood out and ruled the 81st Academy Awards, sweeping 8 awards in the remarkable event. :D And from the way I said things, I sure do enjoy watching this movie!



This small kid is so cute!




Stuart Little The Making

For experimental purposes, my brother bought two white mice from the Megah Pet Shop place. I do love animal if they keep a distance from me or are kept in a cage! They are very cute! :D

Here are some pictures taken by my brother. Enjoy!

IMG_5859IMG_5866 IMG_5856


Their cuddling awed me every time. The way they hold their food and bite is so cute! Sooner or later, they will become this.


P.S : This experiment is just to test their intelligence and not for dissecting purposes.


Humanitarian Aid, Propagate Love


Hamper Day was pushed forward to last Friday which is on the 13th of February. I guess it was because of the Valentine's Day which falls on the day after Friday. Therefore, the school took the opportunity to spread more love and show more affection to the less fortunate citizens.

Hamper Day was a disappointment yet it was a day which was filled with much rejoice. The students had to stand under the glaring sun for a moderately long time as past years. The intolerable heat that radiates on our sweaty skin is what we loathe most during an assembly. What made the situation worse was that set of Baju Kurung which hung across my body that morning.

Everything seemed like there were written to make up for our sufferings. I admit that I worried about Pn. Cheong yet deep down, I do not give a damn about who is going to teach us Biology while she was gone. I do not even listen when she was teaching since the second day of her class. Even if I do, I will not be able to catch up nor understand whatever she is teaching.

Despite the downside, there were many free periods on that day provided that Pn. Cheong was not around, skipped Moral for the Hamper Day special assembly and En. Kamal went to some homes to distribute the hampers. CHEERS! Of course I made use of the time doing my homework and study for next weeks carried forward History test.

250px-Antique_Valentine_05 Yesterday was Valentine's Day. Valentine's Day or Saint Valentine's Day is a holiday celebrated on February 14 on which lovers express their love and affection for each other by sending Valentine's cards, presenting flowers, or offering confectionery. Many of those who were currently unavailable went out for dates with their beloved. As for singles like my siblings and I, we preferred going out to the mall with our parents than staying at home and rot in front of the TV while chewing popcorns. Another family night out bonding session which is as common as clouds in my family! ( not to talk about being in a dessert ) :D

I was strolling behind my parents and siblings when I spot Daniel Joseph walked pass me on the opposite side of the mall. I reached for my mobile phone lying in my handbag and text him an extemporaneous message. And we chatted in front of Efficient Herbs while my family members were in there buying things. :) What a coincidence!

Happy Valentine's Day to all lovers in this whole wide world!

Affectionate Evelyn

Japan Part III ( Tokyo )

I believe when it comes to Japan, everybody will have Tokyo in mind. However, believe me, if you were to go to Japan, save it, DO NOT go to Tokyo unless you are there for the Tokyo Disneyland.

Tokyo is famous for the Tokyo Tower, Imperial Palace, Rainbow Bridge and Asakusa. Accompanied by my host mother and my district YE chairman, Mr. Kimizuka, I joined a day tour around Tokyo. I was indeed mesmerized by the beauty and elegance of the Imperial Palace. I love the sophistication of the palace with typical Japanese building structure. P1000831

The royal family must be very happy staying in such beautiful palace. Unfortunately, the palace is not open to public to explore and to discover.

P1000856Asakusa was a busy and crowded place of attraction in Tokyo. The incredibly large lantern which was hung at the entrance made it looked grand. Stalls were set up along the way from the main entrance to the temple inside. The things sold varied from food, souvenirs to new year decorations. There were so many things to see that I was busy clicking my camera. I wanted to take all of them down to share with my family and friends when I come back to Malaysia.

P1000838 P1000853

Some New Year must-have decorations.

P1000863 I too, passed by the well-known rainbow bridge. At first, I was puzzled by the name of the bridge and was wondering why it was called the Rainbow Bridge. I finally break free from my misery after 10 days or so when I took my second trip around Tokyo and this time with my host family. Of course, I passed by the bridge once again but this time I did it at night. The rainbow light effect on the bridge was very beautiful and appealing. P1010469

In the mean time, the bridge was just another ordinary bridge but it was very brilliant of the Japanese to put rainbow effects on it and make it another 'thing' to see in Tokyo.

P1000872My next destination was the Tokyo Tower. Doubtless I was impressed by the panoramic view of the city in front of me. However, it was already 4.30pm in there and as some of you who have already knew, sunsets at 5.00pm. Subsequently, everything appears to be blur and 'hazy'. Didn't get to see Mt. Fuji when I was supposed to genuinely from the observation platform of Tokyo Tower. Inevitably, I was cast under the shadow of discontentment.

P1000884 P1000885


Love tags? Miss tags.

It has been quite a while since I last did somebody's tag. Referred to the blog archive, I was last tagged by Bernard Ling, a guy who is currently missing in action. This time, I was tagged by brotherly bear.

Those who have been tagged must write their answer on their blogs and replace any questions that they dislike with a new question formulated by themselves.

# Those people who were tagged must state who they were tagged by and cannot tag the person whom they were tagged by. Continue this tag by sending it to other people.

1. Name the persons you want to tag

Yi Xuan, Yuen Hee, Xin Wei, Leon and Bernard if both of you want to do it.

2. Carrot or broccoli

I love carrot since young. Used to bite carrot while my mum cooks. However, broccoli is also my favourite.

3. Masculinity or sissy

I bet both the words refer to guys. So lets say if I were a boy, I will definitely choose masculinity. Common sense tells you why did I choose that.

4. Goth or punk

Erm. You decide.

5. Soccer or basketball

I neither play soccer nor basketball. If this question were to change to watching, I prefer watching basketball instead of soccer. I just love to see how basketball players do the slam dunk thing. I am not into soccer and definitely will not stay up late to catch Manchester United vs Chelsea. But I can tell you I am into FIFA World Cup and witnessed the Zinedine Zidane head-butt scene live on TV.

6. Favourite actor / actresses

Do not have one specific one. You name it, I'll tell you ( in detail).

7. What do you say to a person who spread rumours about you without any reason?

" Man, you are a !@#$%& who really deserves a punch on your @#$%&. If I hear it one more time, I'll break your bones. Watch it! And I mean it! " Is that cool enough? HA! But I am really pissed of with people like that and I will definitely do as I said if there is no such thing as law in this world.

8. Ever took nude pictures?

Who would be so stupid to do that ( except for somebody like Edison Chen who is stupid enough to record all that down and save it in his computer ) ?

9. Leather shoe or snickers

Love that leather shoe that goes with my YE uniform but snickers will be more appropriate to enhance my youth!

10. Long distance love?

All love are meant to be like that. It puzzles me when it comes to what we call puppy love.

11. Internet love?

Insane, dangerous, risking, frivolous, ridiculous, stupid. You think I'll want that?

12. Online dating?

Why not real life dating? Won't that be more romantic?

13. Tell us about your dream last night.

I dreamt about a thrilling roller coaster ride instead of a scary one. ( I watched Final Destination 3 on Astro before sleeping )

14. Ever hated someone so bad?

Nope. But I dislike someone moderately.

15. Who then?

Sad to say but he is my host father.

16. The last person you had beer with?

I don't drink beer. I tried once but it was with my dad. Totally hated it. The last person I had Sakae with? It will be a bunch of smoke-drunk-Japanese-elderly-man including my host father. Hated it too.

17. The last person you went to the movies with?

It's plural. Joseph, Janice, Ya Jen, Yin Wei, Ke Jun, Joel, Jennifer, Rui Yi. I think that is all. Sorry if I missed out your name.

18. The last person you talked on the cell phone with?

Jeremy Lee Oei Keong. He was telling me that he is not going to tuition.

19. The last person you hugged.

Who else? My boyfriend duh.. No doubt. I am still single since born. My grandmother instead.

20. The last person you slapped.

I have only slapped a person once in my 16 years of life. And that lucky person is Jeremiah whom I no longer talk to anymore. He really pissed me off that time.

21. In the last week, have you kissed someone?

No lips are open for me to kiss. Still waiting.

22. Do you rather do exercise or babysit?

Exercise! I can't stand babies crying and whining. Plus, I do not even know how to handle a baby.

23. If you could do anything or with anything, what would it be?

It? Meaning I can only pick one. Hmm.. tough one. All right, I wish to achieve all my wishes in life! Pro??

24. If you can have an all expense paid trip, where will you go?

Travel every possible places in the world in a luxurious trip! Dream on girl!

25. Are you old fashioned?

You be the judge. I personally do not think so.

26. Are you a freak or a Geek?

Freak! Freaky things are cool at times. Geek? NO..

27. Are you a slut, bitch/bastard or whore?

I don't call myself names like that. Unlike some who call themselves bitch. ( No specific names, in general )

28. Five things that scares me.

- supernatural 'things'

- being on an unsafe high place

- scary and incurable sickness that deteriorate my health non-stop till the moment I pass

- being in an agonizing condition or having an agonizing death

- being broke

29. Four songs playing in my head lately.

- I Hate This Part Right Here by Pussycat Dolls

- Just Dance by Lady Gaga

- Right Here by Brandy

- A Little Too Not Over You by David Archuleta

30. Ghost, Zombie, Witch, Wizard, Mermaid, Vampire, or Werewolf?

Witch! Imagine me casting spells all over to make life easier. I wouldn't have to wash my own dishes. If I can get in to Hogwarts. :D



Chinese ' Niu ' Year

Ever since i knew how to think and decide for myself, i enjoy the presence of Chinese New Year in my life. It somehow resembles a fresh beginning of a year and makes me feel young. Of course, it is ' Ang Pow ' i am talking about.

It feels a little different to start a new year this year as quite a number of things have changed. For example, i wasn't tuned to a new year mood yet Chinese New Year is here. Lesser Chinese New Year decorations in shopping malls and streets. Lesser ' Ang Pow ' received.

My grandfather's house used to be filled with cries of joy and dramatic. With my grandfather gone, everything has changed. I used to play and joke with my cousins. Now, they have grown in-heart and physically. We no longer talk to each other. No matter how I tried making a conversation, my efforts availed me nothing. They even hid themselves in their own room, not even thinking of coming out to the parlor we used to play in.

I now envy most of my friends who are close to their relatives as mine feel like total strangers to me. An uncle whom i have not seen in years came back. You must have expected something like shaking hands and shower greetings and blessings to one another. Instead, he shot me a cold and brief stare before he continued his concentration on the floor. Can he recall or recognize who i am? Perhaps not. Beside him was my three cousins who simply hid themselves behind the STAR paper. Great? Or just simply MARVELOUS?



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