Chinese ' Niu ' Year

Ever since i knew how to think and decide for myself, i enjoy the presence of Chinese New Year in my life. It somehow resembles a fresh beginning of a year and makes me feel young. Of course, it is ' Ang Pow ' i am talking about.

It feels a little different to start a new year this year as quite a number of things have changed. For example, i wasn't tuned to a new year mood yet Chinese New Year is here. Lesser Chinese New Year decorations in shopping malls and streets. Lesser ' Ang Pow ' received.

My grandfather's house used to be filled with cries of joy and dramatic. With my grandfather gone, everything has changed. I used to play and joke with my cousins. Now, they have grown in-heart and physically. We no longer talk to each other. No matter how I tried making a conversation, my efforts availed me nothing. They even hid themselves in their own room, not even thinking of coming out to the parlor we used to play in.

I now envy most of my friends who are close to their relatives as mine feel like total strangers to me. An uncle whom i have not seen in years came back. You must have expected something like shaking hands and shower greetings and blessings to one another. Instead, he shot me a cold and brief stare before he continued his concentration on the floor. Can he recall or recognize who i am? Perhaps not. Beside him was my three cousins who simply hid themselves behind the STAR paper. Great? Or just simply MARVELOUS?




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