Japan Part III ( Tokyo )

I believe when it comes to Japan, everybody will have Tokyo in mind. However, believe me, if you were to go to Japan, save it, DO NOT go to Tokyo unless you are there for the Tokyo Disneyland.

Tokyo is famous for the Tokyo Tower, Imperial Palace, Rainbow Bridge and Asakusa. Accompanied by my host mother and my district YE chairman, Mr. Kimizuka, I joined a day tour around Tokyo. I was indeed mesmerized by the beauty and elegance of the Imperial Palace. I love the sophistication of the palace with typical Japanese building structure. P1000831

The royal family must be very happy staying in such beautiful palace. Unfortunately, the palace is not open to public to explore and to discover.

P1000856Asakusa was a busy and crowded place of attraction in Tokyo. The incredibly large lantern which was hung at the entrance made it looked grand. Stalls were set up along the way from the main entrance to the temple inside. The things sold varied from food, souvenirs to new year decorations. There were so many things to see that I was busy clicking my camera. I wanted to take all of them down to share with my family and friends when I come back to Malaysia.

P1000838 P1000853

Some New Year must-have decorations.

P1000863 I too, passed by the well-known rainbow bridge. At first, I was puzzled by the name of the bridge and was wondering why it was called the Rainbow Bridge. I finally break free from my misery after 10 days or so when I took my second trip around Tokyo and this time with my host family. Of course, I passed by the bridge once again but this time I did it at night. The rainbow light effect on the bridge was very beautiful and appealing. P1010469

In the mean time, the bridge was just another ordinary bridge but it was very brilliant of the Japanese to put rainbow effects on it and make it another 'thing' to see in Tokyo.

P1000872My next destination was the Tokyo Tower. Doubtless I was impressed by the panoramic view of the city in front of me. However, it was already 4.30pm in there and as some of you who have already knew, sunsets at 5.00pm. Subsequently, everything appears to be blur and 'hazy'. Didn't get to see Mt. Fuji when I was supposed to genuinely from the observation platform of Tokyo Tower. Inevitably, I was cast under the shadow of discontentment.

P1000884 P1000885



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