Day of Atonement.

Fireflies - Owl City

Felt like I was preparing myself for war. All the supportive documents to be submitted, racing with time to make sure that my things will reach the states on time before the deadline. Really chaotic. And s t r e s s.
It sucked up 70 percent of my energy preparing all these stuffs and worrying about them. Not a fun process to go through. Much hustle as well.
After submitting my application forms and paying the application fees online, I will officially be free of any application procedures. Bad thing is that I will be all helpless by then and can do nothing but to wait for any uni's acceptance letter. Just one university will do and will keep me safe from being a college dropout. Oh gosh does that sound like those sound effects from a horror movie or what? *shivers*
Picking my packages up and handing them to registry. I hope my application make it on time for the March 1st uni deadlines. *fingers crossed*

So the next thing to be all stressed out about is Psychology midterm. Yes. Midterm again. Seems like its so fast. College started, then CNY break and now midterm. What's next? Assignments. Oh great! *grunts*
Whoever says college life very slack? Well, I do tell people that it is slack cause it does has its own slack time, just that it doesn't always lasts long. Note to self of not to procrastinate never seem to register, nor accomplished. Massive, epic failure.

Night out with Khai Sern, Jit Sun and Oei Keong was nice. Went back to Edu Smart to see Accounts teacher, Ms. Lim, Uncle Chan and Pn. Molly. They were so happy to see us, though Pn. Molly can barely remember me and Uncle Chan has completely no clue who the heck I am. Got a nice warm hug from Accounts teacher. Aww... Massive aww. Unexpected.
Planned to walk over to go say hi to Physics teacher, Mr. Yeoh but due to his massive class volume, we doubt he recognizes us so we chickened out. :D
No point disturbing the class anyways when we anticipated that the teacher will have no clue who we are.
As usual, Uncle Chan was preaching the students with his usual, cliche lines like "sow and you will reap (whatever crap)" and "train of thoughts". Really liked that moment when Pn. Molly was trying to recall my name and Khai Sern was interrupting beside, suggesting weird non-existent names like Kimberly for Pn. Molly. And I just shushed Khai Sern by saying, "Don't break the train of thoughts." Indirect sarcasm of Uncle Chan's favorite line and Pn. Molly burst into laughter right after that.
Yum Cha at Kayu. Two hours of non-stop conversations and laughters can totally wear a person out. But when I was back home at 11pm, watched half an hour of American Idol and I'm back to studying. Sigh. Took the whole 4 hours to finish 20 pages. That's how fast my studying speed is.

Its kinda late now already. I shall post this up and decide whether to continue since I'm still quite awake yet sleepy. What the hell am I talking about?
Okay fine, maybe I can't think straight no more. Sleep it is.
Goodnight peeps!

Falling down ain't falling down if you don't cry when you hit the floor.

Evelyn Lee.

I thought... Not!

The day started fine. All the usual hang out sessions before classes plus me, getting all hyped up and excited for the fact that I can finally submit my documents to Ms. Naini the next day and get over with university application.
Alas, came home to sort out everything and found out that I have lots of incomplete stuffs and incomplete documents and lots of other stuffs to worry about.
My stress level peaked for the entire night and I'm practically mind-fried right now.
*its 1.11 now. Let me just make my wish first before continuing.
Okay. So I was literally overwhelmed with all the emotions and the workload to deal with.
I'm quite numb now already. All I am capable of doing is to curse at the wind to ease my throbbing worries and bursting emotions. I feel like I need to be heard, yet I don't know how to express myself.
Texting Amanda seemed to be one of the good remedies as I bombarded her with loads of questions about uni application. She seemed glad and nice enough to solve my problems and to ease my worries. One of the thousands of reasons why I love her so much and like hanging out with her.
So she said, "You're like bustling about calling my name in a teenie weenie voice." When I called her name and started asking my questions.
So she said, "You foul mouthed vulgarity spewing pirate style cursing lol toooooot." When I told her how badly I need to curse.
She's like a big sister to me, one way or the other, calming my nerves and constantly reminds me how much I need to stop procrastinate and start studying. Amanda, you're my motivation! I love you! :D
*puts up the serious face* I'm serious.
*puts up the joking face* But no worries.
*puts up the serious face* I'm straight.

How badly I need a hug right now? So bad I will go to sleep now and get one in my dreams.

your immature friend.

telepathy senses danger.

Geu Nal Ee Hoo Ro - Sung Si Kyung

Valentines passed by uneventfully for me. Just like the past 17 years of my life.
Though I hope many of you out there enjoyed your dates, blind dates, whatever you attended yesterday.

My Valentines Day was rather exciting though, with all the morning West Civ class, brain wrenching calculus class and evening class for Abnormal Psych. And my first assignment of the semester was due on Valentines Day itself.
I skipped half of Abnormal Psych class, cause my usual favorite lecturer wasn't the one teaching, instead, an amateur female young lady was giving the lecture. I didn't like the way she presented the lecture, for the way she tried to speak fast, but stuttered a lot along the way and awkward pauses in between. Need not say, her voice was a turn off. Well, not exactly a turn off but didn't appeal to me as a student. Didn't interest me. Unfortunately.
The worst thing was that she introduced a group work thing and required one representative from each group to present the work done. What? So that left Amanda, Alicia and I escaping out from class and sat outside of the lecture hall chatting.
Alicia was filling us about her ghostly encounters and we were talking about topics, way interesting than what the lecture going on in the hall beside us has got to offer. Nevertheless, Alicia's abrupt leaving scattered the group and we went our individual ways. Nice catch up session. :)

The whole route home was jam packed. Why so? :'(
Suddenly, the uncle that was very close to my family decided to come to my house for dinner. It felt like reunion dinner all over again, cause his surname was Lee as well and our ancestors were from the same kampung back in China, so it felt like there was an invisible bond in between.
The rest of the night was spent drinking Chinese tea and getting trashed at Tetris Battle by Nicholas especially. Epic.
Went to sleep feeling like a complete loser feeling utter crappy.

So that was my Valentines Day. How was yours?



Just The Way You Are - Bruno Mars

though this song is overplayed, overrated, the lyrics is still what all girls in this world need to hear from another person.

Recently, I came across with this Elmo video on facebook. It shows the other side of Elmo, which was really scary and bipolar. For a moment it changed my perception towards that little cute red creature that everyone can't get enough of. Then I spent the next three days stuck in Elmo fetishism. I would be singing the Elmo's song, impersonate Elmo's voice, googling Elmo's images. Yeah it was that bad. That's why its called a fetish. An obsession would work too.

Its Valentines Day again. It is rather true that the perception of this particular day is specially for lovers and couples. If you have been thinking that way as well, you are wrong.
To all the singles and couples in da house, also, to those who thinks that they are going through some stages that they called 'its complicated', happy Valentines Day. May you all have a great one! Spread da love dawgs. Fo' shizzle ma nizzle.
Here is to every single creature in this world. You are beautiful and perfect in your own unique way.
"Pretty pretty please, if you ever ever feel like you're nothing, you're fuckin' perfect to me."
"So raise your glass if you are wrong in all the right ways."

Happy Valentines Day!


Monday, 7th February, 2011.

Today was a pretty nice start to college. First day back to school from the Chinese New Year week long break.
Well, it was West Civ class and we were peacefully listening to Mr. Ho's lecture and on the verge of falling asleep at the same time. Everything was fine till Derrick Johnson walked in the room. I stoned. Then proceeded to use the bulky textbook to cover my body.
Yes I was wearing a red checkered shirt, with brown leather belt and dark blue jeans. Derrick, on the other hand was wearing a slightly brighter red checkered shirt and dark colored jeans. We looked exactly like we were wearing couple's outfit. Really. No joke.
So in the end, we took a picture together. Its currently with Jun Kent but I'll still put it up when I get them.

Calculus was a little hard to fathom. Had a hard time understanding how exactly it works. Felt a great drop of self-esteem when I failed at throwing the paper rubbish into the trash can. Had about five tries and managed to get it in for the sixth. I am a failure. CK came back to HELP for the second time and drove Michelle and I out for pork noodles. nyomnyomnyom...
He's such a nice guy to always drives us around and even though he moved to Klang campus now, he still comes back pretty often knowing that we miss him and of course, he misses us as well. :D

Today was a good day after all. :)

Tuesday, 8th February, 2011.

Developmental class was rather interesting and funny. I realized how similar I am to Amanda. We observe the same things, we think alike, we somehow manage to find our ways back to similarity. So there was no flakey-haired girl but there was plenty of narcolepsy people. Including Alex, who was sitting right beside us. It is amazing how he can talk to us at one moment and fall right into sleep in the next. Really scary when it comes to his ability to fall into REM within a few seconds.
Lunch with Derrick and Amanda after that. Derrick was such a sophisticated dude I tell you. Just how many guys keep coins in a beautiful container and dig out coins from it to pay parking? Had a joy ride in his four wheel drive.
B'sides these, everything is ordinary.

Pei Ning.

screw that.

Because You Sting - Jea ft G.O.

Rules are made to be broken. And why so serious sometimes?
I was back to my high school to collect my SPM and LCCI certificates on New Year's eve the other day. Well, woke up in the morning and saw Jo Keat's text saying that the school's office was open and I can go back to collect my certs. Leisurely, I went down stairs and grabbed my juice to drink. After telling my mum that I needed to go back to school, she sorta kept on bugging me to go get it immediately. It was 11.30am then. Said she, what if lunch break when I go, what if office opens for half day only. Okay she was right. So I rushed out in my casual home wear. With shorts. And slippers.
I was in the car, waiting for traffic light to turn green. Then I realized the biggest mistake I was making. My mind can't help but to think how my mum will throw tantrum if I were to return without my certs. So I was worrying all the way.
I rushed up the stairs the minute I got out of the car, seeing that I just had a bad argument with dad, catching a glimpse of a girl shorter than me by a few inches, standing by the phone booth. Entered the office, requested for my cert, heck that Malay dude refused to give me my certs. Said him, peraturan kerajaan. I fumed. I pleaded another time just to get back the same rejection. I literally banged that damn door open and burst into a run back down the stairs. I thought I could use that girl's long pants to pave a way to getting my certs. Yeah I know, I'm resourceful.
True enough, lucky enough, she was still there. God knows what she was there for, I just asked the weirdest question on Earth, which was to borrow her long pants for 10 minutes. After some reluctance and some pieces of my perfect explanation, she agreed and asked where can she change her pants. To my amazement and amusement, she was not from my school. Her mother is a teacher instead. I thought, man, she has to be there to save my life. She's not from my school, its not even a schooling day, there's no curricular activity going on, the whole school's empty, its lunch time already, what the hell is she doing there then besides saving me from hell hole?
Her name's Awirah by the way. Managed to catch it right before I say thank you for the hundred and tenth time and bid goodbyes.

Sometimes, it takes just a little luck, a little of someone else's kindness, to go a looooong way.
One of your minuscule action may mean a great deed to someone out there.
So, have you done something good today?


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