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Geu Nal Ee Hoo Ro - Sung Si Kyung

Valentines passed by uneventfully for me. Just like the past 17 years of my life.
Though I hope many of you out there enjoyed your dates, blind dates, whatever you attended yesterday.

My Valentines Day was rather exciting though, with all the morning West Civ class, brain wrenching calculus class and evening class for Abnormal Psych. And my first assignment of the semester was due on Valentines Day itself.
I skipped half of Abnormal Psych class, cause my usual favorite lecturer wasn't the one teaching, instead, an amateur female young lady was giving the lecture. I didn't like the way she presented the lecture, for the way she tried to speak fast, but stuttered a lot along the way and awkward pauses in between. Need not say, her voice was a turn off. Well, not exactly a turn off but didn't appeal to me as a student. Didn't interest me. Unfortunately.
The worst thing was that she introduced a group work thing and required one representative from each group to present the work done. What? So that left Amanda, Alicia and I escaping out from class and sat outside of the lecture hall chatting.
Alicia was filling us about her ghostly encounters and we were talking about topics, way interesting than what the lecture going on in the hall beside us has got to offer. Nevertheless, Alicia's abrupt leaving scattered the group and we went our individual ways. Nice catch up session. :)

The whole route home was jam packed. Why so? :'(
Suddenly, the uncle that was very close to my family decided to come to my house for dinner. It felt like reunion dinner all over again, cause his surname was Lee as well and our ancestors were from the same kampung back in China, so it felt like there was an invisible bond in between.
The rest of the night was spent drinking Chinese tea and getting trashed at Tetris Battle by Nicholas especially. Epic.
Went to sleep feeling like a complete loser feeling utter crappy.

So that was my Valentines Day. How was yours?



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