Feels Like Rain - Ke$ha

I was once a kid who fantasizes about the world I lived in. Not that I no longer fantasize right now, but I just don't do as much as I did. I feel like the things I used to fantasize about are coming true. One by one. Little by little. It freaks me out quite a bit, as I get goosebumps when I bring myself to ponder about it. Yet, at the same time, I am actually kinda thrilled&excited that the aforementioned is actually happening. Obviously, everything feels so surreal, making me feel like a character coming alive from a classic storybook. I guess I really got lucky this time and I got to tell you, heck it feels a thousand times better than hitting a jackpot.

Thought this may not actually last a lifetime, I'm glad that you make up a chapter of my life story.

P.S.: You are one unbelievably, impeccably lovely creature.



Ever felt that life isn’t meaningful anymore because it is all theatrical and full of dramas? I'm tired of putting up that amiable facade. Right at this point of my life, I'm not even sure if I'm genuinely a happy person.
People grow tired out of repetitive daily routines of their lives. That’s how it was meant to be. That’s why we move on to a new phase when we eventually grow sick of the present. Philosophy of life says a gazillion things.
My philosophy tells me to move on and reminisce. Thus, I carry, always, the past with me no matter how high I climb, how far into life I venture. How sad is that?
Nevertheless, I’m rather glad that I picked up that principle since I don’t want to forget those who made me who I am today completely.
Only arrogant people does that, me think :(

Feels like God is pissing on us. It has been almost a week where it rains every single day. On top of that, it rains in the morning, or I would say, when dawn breaks, or even worse, before dawn. I despise the moist weather before and after a rainfall.
I loathe how the air is so humid that I can almost feel those minuscule water droplets landing on my skin making them sticky as gum.
Notwithstanding the dejection I feel when the sky is gloomy, indicating a rainfall coming soon, I still find hope in the rain. I like how there's a romantic vibe to walking in the rain.
I like how the raindrops splatter on the hard pavement and the rocky bitumen road. I love how mesmerizing the sight of water droplets splash up in beautiful pattern when they hit a hard surface and adore how hypnotizing the sounds of the raindrops when they land hard on the glasses or zinc rooftops.

This morning, I was walking alone in the rain. I imagined how the silhouette will look better with you beside me :)

'I might get your heart racing in my skin-tight jeans, be your teenage dream tonight.
Let you put your hands on me in my skin-tight jeans, be your teenage dream tonight.'

Love, EvelynLee.


Sara Bareilles - Gravity

this thing right now, it is sucking up every ounce of energy remained in my fragile frame
today, i realized the importance of being in the mood when playing the piano because today, i cried because i was afraid the mood is destroyed. i cried playing the piano.  :'( silly me
i was taking a brisk walk to a certain destination when you lagged behind. i was certain that i could've gone further without you. but you wouldn't let me do so. that made me realize that even if i'm very much far ahead from you, you will somehow manage to find your way back to my side
emo can always be associated to silence but it doesn't always work in vice versa. it puzzles me a little whether is remaining silent always a good thing when there's a saying that silence means the world
sometimes it is okay to just walk the trail of the person you adore.

it is embarrassing when you catch me looking at you, but then again, that meant you were staring back.

taa~ lovely


Can I Have This Dance - Vanessa Hudgens & Zac Efron

Today, is the 2nd of September.
Today, I felt as if the world was crashing down on me. Brain dead. Lifelessness.
Today, I drove clumsily to college, as much as I know that it was dangerous enough to get myself involved in a fatal car accident that I had someone sounded her horn at me.
Today, I sighed at the fact that our midterm break is next week yet I have to go back to college because of the Psychology classes.
Today, I winced at HELP admin's plan to turn all ADP students into zombies as much as they think that five weeks of procrastination isn't enough for us.
can't they give Foundation and A Levels students more break?
I think they have been working their arse off since the beginning of their program and certainly deserve a longer break.
Today, I felt like using analogies, and I did, as much as I know how I failed miserably at the attempts.
Today, I thought of what's my definition of happiness in Philosophy class. I was dumb-founded.
debate between other students caused my definition of that abstract, immense amount of scarce beauty to surface gradually.
am, contended.
Today, for some reason, I found myself sniffing at the sweet scent as I leaned an inch closer towards you.
Today, I felt like prancing around the campus yet my energy has melted away.
Today, I feigned some smiles and laughter. I feel sorry for doing that.
Today, I listened to Olivia Ong. I felt like crying my heart out, yet I proceeded to make it on replay mode like how I always do to the other songs.
Today, knowing that it ain’t going to be as perfect as yesterday, yet, I looked forward to it.
as much as I'm glad that today is finally over, I still hope that days like this come by more often, being that they aren't the total epitome of monotonous.

If you look inside a girl's heart and see how much she cries. You'll find secrets, promises and lies. But what you'll see most is how hard she tries to stay strong. When nothing is right and everything's wrong.

Love, your mortal.

eat. walk. talk.

If It’s Love – Train

A year ago…

A group of YE friends gathered together to celebrate the first anniversary (well, almost) of their trip to Narita, Japan. It was fun catching up.

A year later…

The group of four (group size shrunk drastically) gathered together at Plus One Shabu Shabu at One Utama. Jun Yong, Hooi Jett, Amanda & Evelyn. Place was less crowded unlike Sushi Zanmai (initial venue). Food was ordinary. What could you expect out of it? Since it was shabu shabu (steamboat), nice or not, depends on your own ‘cooking’ skills. However, if I was given a choice, I wouldn’t go back there. It was rather pricy and I felt like I was conned with the amount they charged for the homemade sauces. Yes they charge it separately. Even the beverage was EXPENSIVE! Since I was, am on a budget, that meal was pretty heavy. Slices throat. :/

Amanda left early as she had no transport home so the three of us continued our catching up at Old Town White Coffee. They have cockroach there!! O.O


While waiting for Clement to get to One U, I scouted around for feather earrings. After meeting up with Mei Chien, I was obviously influenced by her and have the sudden strong urge to own Hippy style accessories too! Yes anyway, I found the earrings I was looking for at Forever 21. One pair of brown and white feather earrings for RM15. Didn’t buy it since the feathers were not in good shape and I was in a rush. Clement is such a nice person to hang out with. We can go on and on chatting without feeling one bit of tired or erm…. frustrated? Maybe I’m weird because sometimes I really do feel frustrated after talking to a person for some time without the awkward moments in between. Very tiring too. We initially sat down peacefully at Chatterbox HK Cuisine Restaurant for a cup of Iced Lemon Tea. That was when he bombard me with how he actually got his ear piercing and how he expanded it. Not forgetting his really cool looking tattoo with great sentimental value. After that, we took a brisk yet aimless walk around One U while being so engrossed with our conversations. Little did we know that we almost left footprints in every corner of the whole shopping mall. Yes. We walked a few rounds in fact.

Finally, Clement treated me Baskin Robbins. One pint of ice-cream (mint chocolate chip & chocolate) was enough for fill my pea-sized stomach. We talked forever. :)

That was my Merdeka Day. What was yours?

Today is the 1st of September though. A day I will look back in the future and smile. Perfect day. Sheer bliss.


Lovely, Evelyn.

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