Sara Bareilles - Gravity

this thing right now, it is sucking up every ounce of energy remained in my fragile frame
today, i realized the importance of being in the mood when playing the piano because today, i cried because i was afraid the mood is destroyed. i cried playing the piano.  :'( silly me
i was taking a brisk walk to a certain destination when you lagged behind. i was certain that i could've gone further without you. but you wouldn't let me do so. that made me realize that even if i'm very much far ahead from you, you will somehow manage to find your way back to my side
emo can always be associated to silence but it doesn't always work in vice versa. it puzzles me a little whether is remaining silent always a good thing when there's a saying that silence means the world
sometimes it is okay to just walk the trail of the person you adore.

it is embarrassing when you catch me looking at you, but then again, that meant you were staring back.

taa~ lovely


ken said...
Sunday, September 12, 2010

sometimes playing instruments make us emotional.. that's when the expression comes =)

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