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If It’s Love – Train

A year ago…

A group of YE friends gathered together to celebrate the first anniversary (well, almost) of their trip to Narita, Japan. It was fun catching up.

A year later…

The group of four (group size shrunk drastically) gathered together at Plus One Shabu Shabu at One Utama. Jun Yong, Hooi Jett, Amanda & Evelyn. Place was less crowded unlike Sushi Zanmai (initial venue). Food was ordinary. What could you expect out of it? Since it was shabu shabu (steamboat), nice or not, depends on your own ‘cooking’ skills. However, if I was given a choice, I wouldn’t go back there. It was rather pricy and I felt like I was conned with the amount they charged for the homemade sauces. Yes they charge it separately. Even the beverage was EXPENSIVE! Since I was, am on a budget, that meal was pretty heavy. Slices throat. :/

Amanda left early as she had no transport home so the three of us continued our catching up at Old Town White Coffee. They have cockroach there!! O.O


While waiting for Clement to get to One U, I scouted around for feather earrings. After meeting up with Mei Chien, I was obviously influenced by her and have the sudden strong urge to own Hippy style accessories too! Yes anyway, I found the earrings I was looking for at Forever 21. One pair of brown and white feather earrings for RM15. Didn’t buy it since the feathers were not in good shape and I was in a rush. Clement is such a nice person to hang out with. We can go on and on chatting without feeling one bit of tired or erm…. frustrated? Maybe I’m weird because sometimes I really do feel frustrated after talking to a person for some time without the awkward moments in between. Very tiring too. We initially sat down peacefully at Chatterbox HK Cuisine Restaurant for a cup of Iced Lemon Tea. That was when he bombard me with how he actually got his ear piercing and how he expanded it. Not forgetting his really cool looking tattoo with great sentimental value. After that, we took a brisk yet aimless walk around One U while being so engrossed with our conversations. Little did we know that we almost left footprints in every corner of the whole shopping mall. Yes. We walked a few rounds in fact.

Finally, Clement treated me Baskin Robbins. One pint of ice-cream (mint chocolate chip & chocolate) was enough for fill my pea-sized stomach. We talked forever. :)

That was my Merdeka Day. What was yours?

Today is the 1st of September though. A day I will look back in the future and smile. Perfect day. Sheer bliss.


Lovely, Evelyn.


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