Feels Like Rain - Ke$ha

I was once a kid who fantasizes about the world I lived in. Not that I no longer fantasize right now, but I just don't do as much as I did. I feel like the things I used to fantasize about are coming true. One by one. Little by little. It freaks me out quite a bit, as I get goosebumps when I bring myself to ponder about it. Yet, at the same time, I am actually kinda thrilled&excited that the aforementioned is actually happening. Obviously, everything feels so surreal, making me feel like a character coming alive from a classic storybook. I guess I really got lucky this time and I got to tell you, heck it feels a thousand times better than hitting a jackpot.

Thought this may not actually last a lifetime, I'm glad that you make up a chapter of my life story.

P.S.: You are one unbelievably, impeccably lovely creature.



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