Can I Have This Dance - Vanessa Hudgens & Zac Efron

Today, is the 2nd of September.
Today, I felt as if the world was crashing down on me. Brain dead. Lifelessness.
Today, I drove clumsily to college, as much as I know that it was dangerous enough to get myself involved in a fatal car accident that I had someone sounded her horn at me.
Today, I sighed at the fact that our midterm break is next week yet I have to go back to college because of the Psychology classes.
Today, I winced at HELP admin's plan to turn all ADP students into zombies as much as they think that five weeks of procrastination isn't enough for us.
can't they give Foundation and A Levels students more break?
I think they have been working their arse off since the beginning of their program and certainly deserve a longer break.
Today, I felt like using analogies, and I did, as much as I know how I failed miserably at the attempts.
Today, I thought of what's my definition of happiness in Philosophy class. I was dumb-founded.
debate between other students caused my definition of that abstract, immense amount of scarce beauty to surface gradually.
am, contended.
Today, for some reason, I found myself sniffing at the sweet scent as I leaned an inch closer towards you.
Today, I felt like prancing around the campus yet my energy has melted away.
Today, I feigned some smiles and laughter. I feel sorry for doing that.
Today, I listened to Olivia Ong. I felt like crying my heart out, yet I proceeded to make it on replay mode like how I always do to the other songs.
Today, knowing that it ain’t going to be as perfect as yesterday, yet, I looked forward to it.
as much as I'm glad that today is finally over, I still hope that days like this come by more often, being that they aren't the total epitome of monotonous.

If you look inside a girl's heart and see how much she cries. You'll find secrets, promises and lies. But what you'll see most is how hard she tries to stay strong. When nothing is right and everything's wrong.

Love, your mortal.


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