Ever felt that life isn’t meaningful anymore because it is all theatrical and full of dramas? I'm tired of putting up that amiable facade. Right at this point of my life, I'm not even sure if I'm genuinely a happy person.
People grow tired out of repetitive daily routines of their lives. That’s how it was meant to be. That’s why we move on to a new phase when we eventually grow sick of the present. Philosophy of life says a gazillion things.
My philosophy tells me to move on and reminisce. Thus, I carry, always, the past with me no matter how high I climb, how far into life I venture. How sad is that?
Nevertheless, I’m rather glad that I picked up that principle since I don’t want to forget those who made me who I am today completely.
Only arrogant people does that, me think :(

Feels like God is pissing on us. It has been almost a week where it rains every single day. On top of that, it rains in the morning, or I would say, when dawn breaks, or even worse, before dawn. I despise the moist weather before and after a rainfall.
I loathe how the air is so humid that I can almost feel those minuscule water droplets landing on my skin making them sticky as gum.
Notwithstanding the dejection I feel when the sky is gloomy, indicating a rainfall coming soon, I still find hope in the rain. I like how there's a romantic vibe to walking in the rain.
I like how the raindrops splatter on the hard pavement and the rocky bitumen road. I love how mesmerizing the sight of water droplets splash up in beautiful pattern when they hit a hard surface and adore how hypnotizing the sounds of the raindrops when they land hard on the glasses or zinc rooftops.

This morning, I was walking alone in the rain. I imagined how the silhouette will look better with you beside me :)

'I might get your heart racing in my skin-tight jeans, be your teenage dream tonight.
Let you put your hands on me in my skin-tight jeans, be your teenage dream tonight.'

Love, EvelynLee.


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