so you sailed away,

Sweet Memories – Olivia Ong

I didn’t know what happened. I had no clue. All I knew was that I screwed up the whole thing. The sudden strong urge to just put an explosive in my brain and blow my whole head up is hitting me hard now…


Today is Malaysia’s Independence Day, eve. Yes. I was listening to Litefm’s breakfast show (unwillingly as my dad insisted to have that channel tuned in to) and they were talking about what makes us unique as Malaysians. Well, they started mentioning how Malaysians like to say “la” in their sentences and I began to realize the word never fails to appear in daily conversations or even in MSN chats. It feels like the word “la” is already part of the proper grammar (well, it IS for Chinese Grammar) and obviously sounds right and well-integrated in Malaysian’s conversations. Being a sort-of typical Malaysian, I picked up the habit of saying “la” too! In fact, way too extemporaneously and often that you probably think I’m exaggerating already. But no, I made an effort not to write it in here. It is a bad habit I think I have to get rid off. Maybe going to the States will help a lot. :)

If you hadn’t realized, this word “la” has also evolved in time. The whole idea of evolution is something like how human evolves from apes. It is really hilarious when you come to think of it as I have heard people say a variety of words containing similar meaning as “la” and methods of usage are the same too! Ex. “lor” (or if you prefer, more “r”s at the end) “lal” “le” “ma” (or if you prefer, an “r” or more at the end) etc.
In fact, if you were to exempt all these so to say Manglish way of speaking, instead, speak like a proper person in this country, people might turn around and call you a serious or unfriendly person. Oh yes, I feel that too when I first make an acquaintance of any person who speaks without a single “la” in his slash her sentences. :/

Don’t you even think saying “la” only applies to Chinese. You can totally see the concept of 1Malaysia in just the habit of saying “la” as all races in Malaysia do, say “la” as if it is just another normal word they think they should include when speaking to another. In a bigger picture, foreign students I mix with in college, picked up this unique way of conversing too! I have a friend from Zimbabwe, whose name is Princess (don’t ask me why or how but their names will blow your minds off), speaks like a true Malaysian. If you were to talk to her through the internet chat rooms with no clue of her nationality, you would say she’s definitely a Malaysian. Also, my brother who is in the States now claims that some of the White people in America find including “la” in their conversation interesting that they too, begin doing that on purpose when they converse, hoping one day, they can say “la” effortlessly. So what I am trying to say is that, as long as there’s a place where there is the presence of a Malaysian, the culture of saying “la” REMAINS because saying “la” is INFECTIOUS! :D
Did I also mention that Malaysians are rather proud of the “la” culture? Yes they are! :D
Peace Out!

Happy Independence Day, Malaysia!

Love, EvelynLee.

The Perfect Boyfriend ♥

Maybe – Yiruma
Quote of the day: Immature love says: 'I love you because I need you.' Mature love says 'I need you because I love you.' – Erich Fromm
he would scream, "i love you!" down the halls, not caring who heard him.
he'd go on a walk with me in a 40 degree weather.
hot cocoa in one hand, my hand in his other.
he'd sing out loud to any song, even if i call him retarded.
he let's me sing out loud, and won't call me weird.
he'll sit outside with me on my front step because there's nothing do to, and won't say he's bored once.
he'll let me look like crap, wearing a big T-shirt and shorts and still calls me beautiful.
he'd write me thousands of notes everyday at school.
he'd come to my house at nine in the morning to wake me up on the weekends.
he'll take me to the park and push me on the swings.
he won't be shy around my family, but acts like he's part of it.
he'll argue with my friends that he loves me more.
he'll keep every single promise he makes.
he'd run up and hug me whenever he feels retarded.
he'll spend my birthday with me and my crazy family.
he'd rent all the chick flicks he knows of and watch them with me when i feels sick inside.
he picks his friends over me sometimes.
he'll remember our anniversaries before i do.
he'll call me at night right before i go to bed, just so he knows he's the last voice i hear.
he'd push my hair away when it's in my face.
he'll carry my books at school, even if he already has 2 to carry on his own.
he wears my favorite shirt of his every Monday.
he won't ask me what is wrong when i look sad, instead just kisses me on the forehead.
he'll give me his sweatshirt even if he's freezing and he won't make me feel guilty about it.
he'd never get jealous because he already knows that i love him more than anything.
and when he says forever, he means it, no matter what ♥

p/s: i love you ♥ and you know i do
p/p/s: i had no idea you would be so important to me the first time i met you

Love, Evelyn.

Grown Ups!

Closer to the Edge – 30 Seconds to Mars

Saturday morning. I woke up not to my own alarm, instead, my sister’s. I groaned while I got up from bed to turn off my alarm before it goes off before diving back to snuggle with my blanket.

“What’s up with you waking up so early?”

“I’m going out today. What about you?”

“Me too!” I exclaimed with a silly morning smirk plastered across my face. It was really hard to actually control my emotions in my muzzy morning condition, what more to be able to think clearly

Sometimes, I just pondered how MeiChien could bear living with her mother. The moment I step into her mum’s Kancil till we arrive at Curve, her mum had been going on and on about things (a little like nagging plus exclamations and rants). I’ve been hearing stories from MeiChien about how she would usually shut her mum out while she nagged. Its pretty interesting seeing how MeiChien would shoot philosophical questions every once in a while.
Strolled around the mall scouting for accessories. None caught my attention. Oh well, not like I wear them very often. Yep. Then we watched Grown Ups! Really worth every single penny of it. Just imagine all the big time comedians such as Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Chris Rock, David Spade and Rock Schneider, gathered together for a movie production. Yes. I was laughing so hard my stomach hurts, my tears streaked down my face. It was that funny. Lots of random jokes popped out when you least expect them, coming in a swarm, one after another. Yeap. Hilarious is the only way to describe this movie. :D

Here’s the trailer. Enjoy!

Grown Ups Trailer

I played my last card
And lost the entire game


Vampires SUCK!

Vampires suck? Oh hell yes they do.

It feels like the Hannah Montana, Disney era is over before it has even win over the hearts of more youngsters world wide. Not like I think Hannah Montana is cool, but the classic Disney cartoons such as Beauty and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty, Little Mermaid, beat Hannah Montana a thousand times! Okay, I’m drifting. Sorry about that.

This new wave of era – nothing but Justin Bieber and Vampires! Come on! Justin Bieber? No offence but the person who threw that bottle towards him rocked socks! About vampires? They are utterly ridiculous and shitty! Overrated. Try walking into a bookstore and you’ll find these vampire story books dominating the whole section of Young Adults. Gives me the creeps. Has anyone seen Twilight movie and the sequels of it? I’m sure many did. They sucked. Really. Even scrutinizing how an old man walks is more interesting than watching those crappy movies. Yeah I read all four books. The first book was okay, fairly decent. It makes you fantasize with the little little romance in it. God… the next three books murdered me. Not only the story sucks, the little little romance were such turn off. I was disgusted. Yes. So ask me why did I even bother reading New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn? My friend lent me those and I was only curious to know how severe desperation was pushing Stephanie Meyers to the completion of her sucky vampire story. Previously, I was watching the Teen Choice Awards and this romance vampire franchise totally dominated the event! I was livid, fuming, furious, while constantly muttering “Overrated” under my breath. This went on for quite a while till I finally couldn’t take the stress anymore that I turned off the television and stomped off. I was pissed. Definitely.

I was notified about this parody of Twilight Saga through Nuffnang. They were then, giving out free screening tickets for Vampires Suck, only if you write interesting enough blog post about how vampires suck and Nuffnang likes it! I should probably stop saying how Justin wrote in and won it and brought me with him but that was how I got to go. Thank you heaps.


The movie was actually not that hilarious. Just another lousy parody of the original movie. Not a big fan. What I like most is that I can actually go, “ Ha! IN YOUR FACE!” to all Twilight fans and also Stephanie Meyers. Yes I do.


Love, Evelyn.

primary peeps get together session;

Reason (Gundam Seed Destiny)

Session officially started at 7pm, where everyone gathered in front of Starbucks at the Curve. There wasn’t any awkward moment as far as I can recall, which is a good thing! We get along perfectly the moment our eyes met. It felt like it has been too long that we don’t even have time to feel awkward and started chattering away.

A group of 13 people in which four of them are guys, we had a perfect spot occupied at the Paddington House of Pancakes.4574593419_6031ba34df A cage like area right in the middle of the restaurant literally separated us from the rest of the customers. Took us quite a while to actually find a place which can house us all since it was buka puasa hour then. Ordered our food and started chatting and got all hyped up. Effects were rather similar to getting a tipsy.
We were practically shouting at each other enthusiastically in the midst of all the noises of other peoples’ conversations. We were animated and obviously causing way too much noise and stirring up commotion to actually cause resentment in other customers in that restaurant. I bet some of them were livid as I could almost see their faces burn in rage when I scanned the room whenever my friends burst into roaring laughter and the rest joined in the hilarity. All I could do was to change my facial expression into a very apologetic one with a slight frown of the eyebrows whenever I feel that they are looking at me. Occasionally, I feel apprehensive about us, staying there to catch up for the whole night. Yes I was.

Food came. Well, I knew I couldn’t finish one whole dish all by myself and therefore decided to share two dishes with Keefe and Amanda. Only have picture of one of the dishes.DSC_5712  I also shared a Fizzy Mango and Orange juice with Keefe. It has a really unique sensation to it with the mango taste dominating the beverage.
Thumbs up!
I love how when we spoke of all the nicknames we used to give each other for teasing purposes, vivid memories rushed to fill in to the fading spaces in our minds. It felt incredible.
Bumped into Mei Yi. She likes my friends, claimed that they were hilarious bunch of people. :D

After taking some pictures with the display fire truck outside of the Curve and also around the area, we took a brisk walk along the edge of Ikano to the car park while joking around foolishly.
Jammed our way to Dataran Sunway’s Kayu Nasi Kandar to continue with more fun time catching up. Dad came in the middle of our chats and so I had to leave with Mei Chien. It was fun after all. Can’t wait for the next session. Cheers!

Them: Keefe Chan, Yee Wen, Chia Poh, Michelle Tung, Tiffany Ng, Sabrina Cheong, Mei Chien, Leanne Mong, Amanda Yip, Wee Shen, Kah Hoe, Yung Tyng.

It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them. – Ralph Waldo Emerson


~With Love ♥


Quote of the day: Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase. – Martin Luther King, Jr.

40cda185445a33593ad573e4c68ce937 .

Today, was obviously the first day of the Fall semester and also the first day of my third semester in ADP. I previously listed out a few subjects that I would like to take for this semester but due to the Psychology time table which was then, not out yet, none of us could actually be a hundred percent sure of the subjects that we are going to take.


I got down my dad’s silver Myvi at Wisma HELP’s ground floor. The first sight and sensation of the building creeps me out heaps. A levels students are on break. Degree students still on holiday. The whole Wisma HELP and KPD E felt like deserted, especially in this month of the Hungry Ghost Festival, the building lights were not switched on~ Okay cut the crap. I approached the lift, just to see a guy, approximately one head taller than I am, looking at a piece of paper laid on top of the ADP paper file. Immediately, I guessed that he should be a freshman, first semester here at HELP. I flashed him a friendly grin before he asked me where LH9.4 was supposed to be. I was thinking, “How CUTE! Just like how I was when I was a newbie!” I entered the lift with him and offered to show him the way to his class. He’s pleased. I was too! Best thing to feel on the first day of the semester. By the way, he doing actuarial science as his major.

Headed to level 9 while waiting for Loh to bring me my McDonald’s breakfast! Ooh… I was exempted from the RM3 McDelivery charges. :) *skips around the room* LOL… So then everybody (Loh, Sarah, Vanesse & Gilbert) gathered at the place where I sat down and off we went down for breakfast where Justin joined us on the way there

Biology was okay. Justin was right about my lecturer, Ms. Ponni. She’s soft, as if she’s trying to communicate with the ants without breaking the ants’ eardrums. Did I mention that the Biology class was packed? Yeah, hell it was. Attended Introduction to Western Philosophy class too! Lecturer was our current Head of Department, Mr. Ho Kin Chai. Well, I wouldn’t say I enjoyed that class very much because it was a mixture of both enlightenment and boredom as it was a little draggy at the same time. I like how his words and examples actually made me think but I couldn’t help myself from checking the clock from time to time. Finally when Mr. Ho did called it end for the day, I found myself letting out a deep sigh. Just so you know, I wasn’t the only one then, exhaling loudly. It felt to me like the entire class was, as if a burden was lift off from our shoulders

I landed my choices on four subjects; Biology Sciences, Intro to Western Philosophy, Intro to Research Methods & Human Personality.


With much love, Evelyn.


Dynamite – Taio Cruz

Sunday, 22nd August, 2010.

College starts tomorrow. I would say I am rather exhilarated just like how I always do at the beginning of each semester. Then, comes the selection of subjects and then the arrangement of time tables. That is when the headache creeps in, unfortunately. Such frustrating yet inevitable process eventually repeats itself every semester in ADP, and I believe, it definitely works the same for every other programs.
Today, I want to pamper myself before the new semester ahead for the last time. I’d laze around, I’d be a potato couch, I’d eat junkies, I’d take insanely long nap, I’d not bother anything that I don’t like doing, I’d indulge myself with the usual procrastination, I’d do anything to please myself, avoid anything that will break my little bubble.

I can’t wait. I just wish this coming semester will be one hell of a rockin’ one.
Oh yes it definitely will be. High hopes. :)


Taa~ Signing off and resume to more procrastination.


Secret Valentine.

Along with this post, an ultimate romantic piece composed by Yiruma himself. Though the expressions couldn't be captured vividly, just listen to the beauty of the melody. It'll drown you into fantasies. Kindly leave a comment, preferably not in the Cbox.
Thank you and enjoyy! 

Kiss The Rain by EvelynLee

I fell for you the moment I laid my eyes on you
Off you became the apple of my eye
Which I very much wonder why

That familiarity of your face
Was imprinted on the core of my soul
I just knew that
Someday, I am going to know you
Whenever we brush pass one another
Where you just go on without acknowledging my presence
Till you enter the elevator right before the lift door closes
Till you disappear at the corner to the other side of the building
I simply glance past my shoulder just to see you off
I wished I knew you
I wished I could do more than just staring from afar

I guess it was destiny that unites us
As when I first made your acquaintance
I found myself fumbling for the right word
I found myself not staring at your eyes as I spoke
I found my heart fluttering
I was unusually nervous and fidgeting
Yet I enjoyed how you simply flashed your perfect curved smile
Awaiting the detached words I uttered
To form the most awkward and clumsy sentence
Which I figured, did not make any sense to you

The days passed by with such an astonishing pace
As we hung around each other our fondness surfaced
Yes I cherished your eternal presence
Suffered when you weren't at your usual place
It was typical as I adored your gaze
Slowly, love buds grow on to a new phase

I fell for you the moment I laid my eyes on you
Off you became my secret valentine
Which I very much wonder why

I love you
For how you always stare deep into my eyes like there's no tomorrow
I love you
For the way you have always been so affectionate towards me 
that make my girlfriends jealous
I love you
For the way you are
So don't change anything that is already there

Love, EvelynLee.

Little Cravings.

Best I Ever Had - Vertical Horizon

This post is to remind me again how to rant because I have a feeling that I am going forget how to do that very soon.
So, here comes…

Truthfully speaking, its been one month into my holiday and I obviously don’t have many days left. Not to mention, I, being a massive procrastinator at home, am clueless about the things I have accomplished so far since finals. I would call myself an epic failure while slapping that big “L” that I form with my index finger and thumb hard on my forehead.
Oh yes. I will do that right after this sentence itself.
*slaps “L” hard against forehead*
I couldn't believe the fact that I actually slacked through the days, being so unproductive. It was as if I was a living corpse, literally stucking my head right in front of that stupid laptop clicking away like there's no tomorrow, fingers fumbling clumsily over the sheer keyboard, LOL-ing at some ridiculous videos on Facebook and YouTube, cracking laughter at MLIA, browsing other's blog while fantasizing to live life like others; happening lifestyles, reading other's rant and amused by how other calls themselves bitches in their rants.
My life is currently all screwed and messed up that if my holiday were to be any longer than 5 weeks, I would just rot and end up in hell.
I'm pathetic. I am in desperate need to get my life sort out and resume to my old routine, which I feel much more comfortable in. Yes I want to go back to college, to hang out with my friends, to be like a normal person again. Well, I guess I can wait. Its just another week away.

Oh I feel a migraine kicking in again. I shall be off then...
Taa~ Nights to the world.

Evelyn signing off.

SASA Farewell Dinner.

When I Look At You - Miley Cyrus

Quote of the day: Insanity - doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. - Albert Einstein

It certainly cannot be gainsaid that there were and are true talents and bright individuals in the SASA team. Of course, not all of them are very committed to it; someone like me is worth a smack in the arse, but, just one smack, not more. :)
So, the leaders are in constant switching and I guess and hope its all settled down now. Our beloved president, Pauline left us to pursue her beloved subject goal and to-be-ambition - Law under the JPA scholarship, which also means, penniless education under certain terms and condition of course.37289_411685699603_597754603_4297507_7375648_n

Our present president, Lily Foong, I heard, got the Sime Darby scholarship and is most probably leaving us too.
The group 3 leader, Ezreena, if I'm not mistaken, got the JPA scholarship and left us.
A few of other friends were the same too. All doing different courses.
In order to honor their efforts and contributions to SASA of these outstanding scholars as well as a celebration dinner for all the successful events we've accomplished so far, hence, we had a dinner! Nyomnyomnyom... :D

July 10th, 2010.
Anyway, this was held at the LaLaChong restaurant located at Kayu Ara. Great food.

Love is a symbol of eternity. It wipes out all sense of time, destroying all memory of a beginning and all fear of an end.
Cheers to people who made college feels even more like home. Love.


The Expandables.

Love The Way You Lie - Eminem

Okay. I initially wrote in to Nuffnang to see if I get lucky and win a pair of free passes to this special screening of the new movie – The Expandables, but didn't succeed. Justin got it and brought me along. Cheers!

Woke up in the morning feeling totally crappy. Squinted at my white wrist watch, the shorter needle pointed at 10 while the longer one stroke 12. I pulled myself up to a sitting posture just to find myself seeing stars while my vision blacked out for a moment. My head was spinning like crazy till when every thing was back to normal, my left brain starts hurting like hell. I was like, “Crap. Migraine at this time?” So yeah, I had migraine for the entire day. Totally sucking the energy out of me. I found that I don’t even have the energy to talk much.
It was a gloomy day, though the temperature of the atmosphere was heating up so much. It felt like we were in some volcanic zone while some where in a few miles away, there is some volcanic eruption. Sucks.

So, dinner at The Garden at Curve. Well, first time to that restaurant. One look at it, that restaurant was definitely inspired by a romantic garden concept where there were fake flower decorations in almost every corner and an overall white concept. The white grand especially enhance the exuded tranquility of the cafe. Alright. What I was trying to say was good atmosphere, love the environmental-friendly ambience of it.


In the meanwhile, the food wasn’t up to its standard. Not nice. Ordinary. I would suggest other places if food is your main aim, Garden if romance is your main reason. :)

Nuffnang Screening – The Expandables


Many will say, “Owh… Its a guy movie. Lots of actions.” But frankly speaking, I adored it. Hell yeah I have quite an amount of testosterone in me too! Maybe it is not normal for a girl to say stuffs like that but I have to admit, they’ve got style. The way they hold their guns, the way they kill, the way they punch et cetera, style is what they have.

Though I am not a gun expert, I thought I saw Jason Statham holding a cool gun somewhat like the one Josh Duhamel was holding in Transformers. I just thought I might want to mention it here. Same technology! No, I didn’t include the super advanced rifle Terry Crews was holding. Cool beans. Can totally blow a person’s body into pieces with one bullet. Nicely choreographed action scenes.
Unless the projectionist made a mistake in the settings, this was one of the loudest movies I have ever seen. Even a small knife throw sounded like a small explosion. What more a real big ass explosion? Felt like my ear drums was exploding on each side of my ears.
Besides, there were a couple of scenes where the camera placement wasn’t at all perfect. Like the one where Jet Li was fighting and getting bashed up at the same time, it was rather chaotic and hence, the action was not quite well-delivered.
Despite the negative comments, I still love how the random jokes and people came popping out in the middle of each scene. Like the one where Arnold Schwarznegger and Bruce Willis made their random appearance, I couldn’t stop laughing. I didn’t expect so much humor in this pre-perceived as a group of gung ho fighters geared up for some action-packed mission. Thumbs up!

Had trouble sleeping that night. Adrenaline gushing through me. Thank God my sister wasn’t sleeping beside me that day. I woke up in the morning to realize I was tangled up in the blanket. None left at my sister’s side. Not my usual being. :D

Love, EvelynLee.


A Moment Like This – Leona Lewis

Firstly, a million times of apologies for the lousy picture quality you will see in the latter. Wasn’t expecting a trip to the hospital will drag on and lead us to many many other interesting places and hence, the stupidity for not bringing the camera along. Secondly, enjoyyy~

7th August, 2010.

So, at night, my aunt and uncle brought us for some really delicious ramen at the Meritus Mandarin – Ippudo Ramen. Definitely a long cue just to get seated in that restaurant at the Mandarin Gallery. That was how popular it is. I would say the ramen is definitely one of a kind, more delicious than normal ramen in some other ordinary shop but the price is certainly beautiful too. I would recommend that place to you only if you are celebrating something special and not just for an ordinary dine out kind of occasion. Unless your wallet is full, you may. Thank you. We got ourselves a place to our own in the only private room of the restaurant with one condition – spend a minimum of $32 per pax. My generous handsome uncle agreed to that without further hesitation for a detour from the long wait for a normal sitting. The appetizers were as nice as everything they served throughout the night. I especially like the chocolate cake for dessert. So rich, so delicious. Nyomnyomnyom… :D
We were chattering joyously in that private space that we were shocked enough to find that they were already preparing to close down the place when we stepped out of the room. That explains the two awkward occasions of the waiters lifting up the (door curtain) and peeping in as if the check on us besides having them bring the bill to us without the need to summon them

After the incredibly heavy dinner, we were brought to the so called most happening place in Singapore – Dempsey Hill to chill and relax. According to my uncle,which then confirmed by Google searching, that place used to be the headquarters of the Military of Defense of the country and therefore the small alley to Dempsey itself is called the MinDef road. As the car glided swiftly through and came to the end of the dark path with barely any visible street lights, a glimpse of small dim light bulbs came to greet our sight. There were restaurants, bars, places for young adults to hang out at night after long hours of work in the day, or even for weekends gatherings. Situated in the midst of lush greenery, it is indeed, very hard to associate the resort-like ambience that shapes the current Dempsey Hill, with the discipline and regiment of the military in the olden times. Unleashing waves of relaxed and laid back vibe, Dempsey is, in fact, the perfect hang out spot.

We came to a place called CMPB – Contemporary Melting-Pot & Bar, had a seat and started drinking some white wines.
  0708201059107082010592 Tried two different white wines from New Zealand, followed by another from Australia. The one from NZ was a Cloudy Bay, 2004 with a 11.5% alcohol content, while that of Aussie’s was a Chandonnay, 2008, which alcohol content I’m not so sure of.

07082010597 Cloudy Bay had a rather sweet taste to it and is more suitable for ladies while Chandonnay had some acidic nature but still, is lighter compared to red wines.
  07082010595 Overall, both tasted decent. Me like. Me adore. :)
What puzzles me is that both my parents’ and my sister’s faces turned red while mine remained normal after drinking. I thought, I’m good! Heh…

Returned home at about one o’clock in the morning. Time for bed! Zonked out the minute my head was rested on the pillow. A good night sleep with some ultimately weird dreams though. Toodles~


The road back home.

American Honey – Lady Antebellum

Okay. My maternal grandparents’ home is at Paloh, Johore. It is truly a small town that barely anyone is well aware of the existence is this place. Unless you take the train from anywhere in the Semenanjung Malaysian down through Johore to Singapore, you won’t know this place called Paloh. However, the government has changed the route of the train so that it will not stop at Paloh since two years ago. So, this place is so hidden that you have to turn in through a look-alike deserted junction and travel about 30km down the curvy road with countless bends and sharp corners to actually reach it.
Of course, along the way, the oil palm plantation and the rubber tree plantation was all you can see. It certainly cannot be gainsaid that the mere scenery of the pale blue sky with white fluffy-looking clouds and the sea of plantation is something of a different yet unique flavor compared to the panoramic view of the city. You might find that I love to stare at the open space which preferably be - the sky. Well, this is because I find peace and serenity in it. Somehow I feel that the sky renders the tranquil vibe that I could not find in any other things on Earth.
Therefore, the sky – my great escape

We stopped there for a night before heading down to Singapore the next day.
At Singapore, we visited my grandaunt, who was very sick in the Singapore General Hospital. She was down with the last stage of cancer and did not have much time left. My heart felt like it was squeezed the whole time I was there. Though she was still able to joke around about things, the idea of her having to receive injection of morphine every hour is plain barbaric. Before leaving the hospital, I took a last glance at her pale face, thinking, this will most probably be my last time seeing her.
Reminiscing how she used to laugh joyously and play with my siblings and I when we were young, I sucked back my tears with much effort. Knowing I will miss her, I still wish she will leave us soon to put an end to her sufferings. Sigh, this is life, the cycle that will never end.


P/S : Could it be that I miss you too much that it seemed to me as if you appear in all of my dreams?

Tonight was a cloudless night
Though there were countless stars in the dark sky
Yet there was one, which shone so brilliantly compared to the dim ones surrounding it
I thought, that was you, the special one, the shining star in my heart


when girls get together;

Kissin You – Miranda Cosgrove
♥ Aww… This song is just so sweet. :) ♥
Today was a girly day out with my two girlfriends, MeiChien & YiXuan. Tropicana City, it was again, since it was close to our place and since we have transport problem to travel all the way to Sunway Pyramid, which was the initial venue for our outing. So, MeiChien & I were there way before YiXuan did and we caught up a little while both of us disclosed some girl stuffs to each other while waiting for YiXuan to come over to join us. Had lunch at Taiwan Street. Well, it was ordinary. Food was okay, it was a little pricey but still affordable, rather okay environment. However, I wouldn’t go there the second time until I have tried every other restaurants in that mall. Anyway, we spent some time at the arcade playing this shooting game MeiChien wanted to play. It was sure tiring, holding the plastic rifle up for so long. From this, at least I know that I can’t be a military person or even Evelyn SALT (this will be properly explained in the latter). Besides, we raced car. The irony was that MeiChien, who does not have a license yet, won the first place of the whole race while I ended up second and YiXuan being the third. I mean what the heck? It wasn’t supposed to be like that! The sequence was totally out of place. YiXuan should appear first because she got her license earlier than I did. I know myself that I am bad at racing. Reason was because my car always overturn at this particular sharp corner. I sucked a big time. MeiChien, laugh all you like. :D

So, we watch SALT this afternoon.
Man, it was sure a nice movie though I don’t quite fancy the ending of the movie. It felt to me like there is still a long time to go before the movie ends, with all the intriguing and well choreographed action scenes blasting out on the big screen continuously. I was so engrossed in the movie that when one of the GSC workers opened the exit door, allowing the bright fluorescent light shine in through the rectangular opening, it blinded my eye a little as I stare at the glowing space. I switched my vision back to the screen with much disbelief. Well, I guess Justin is right about how the director was planning on the sequel of this movie – SALT II, perhaps. Anyway, the highlight of this movie is not only the kickin’ ass actions, but also the hottie herself, Evelyn Salt, starring Angelina Jolie. I would say, she was smokin’ hot no matter what kind of looks she put on, whether being a blonde, black hair, short hair, it all doesn’t matter cause with her pretty looks, thick luscious lips, high cheekbones etc., she is ABLE to pull off whatever look! Everything about her is just too perfect to be put into words. In fact, I only know a word to truly describe her – HOT! I know its kinda weird for the fact that I’m so into a grown woman and even describing her facial features but for those who doesn’t know how hot she is, damn it, just watch this movie, or Wanted, or Tomb Raider, or whatever movie you can get hold of with her in it. :) Anyway, reason why I said I couldn’t be Evelyn Salt was because YiXuan said I actually can be Evelyn Salt. Plucked from my very own Facebook status : At some point, I could really be Evelyn SALT. Straight black hair (not so long though), straight cut, bangs. Plus, my name is Evelyn. Cheh.. wannabe. ♥

Before heading home, we thought maybe we could do what normal girls always do; enter a shop, pick an outfit, go to the fitting room and change, come out, admire, *clicks* take a picture (or maybe a few pictures). So that was what we did at Nichii. I picked a jean outfit – tube dress. It wasn’t what I would wear but that was the whole point of it; pick something definitely out of your range of acceptable style. I still think I like the other outfit I saw. It looked a little like a trench coat and had kind of a real safari girl vibe to it. Day ended well. I am contended. Cheers!
Its getting late. Toodles~


In that jam packed lift
While everyone deliberately pushed me from all sides
I felt you stood protectively beside me
As if to keep others from getting onto me

Love, EvelynLee.

Absolute chemistry.

I am currently not listening to any song when blogging for the first time in so many posts. But the soundtrack of the Korean drama series - My Fair Lady has been on replay mode in my mind since 8.30pm last night when the movie started. Yeap. 8TV was showing it all these while and yesterday was the last episode of it. It was rather sad seeing two people who are deeply in love with each other cannot be together though they still had a happy ending. 

사랑해... ♥


It was yet, another day out with Justin. Well, I would say I was being a "gentlelady" for accompanying him. Long story short, he had to send his sister to tuition and had to wait a few hours till her tuition ends. Since I was nearby... bla bla bla... you should know what happens next...
Strolled around the mall, hung out at Border's and Starbucks. Pretty laid back and casual, which is what I like best. Oh its back to Taylor Swift, the goddess of modern fairytale and her songs. She's just awesome you know? The lyrics just make sense. Anyway, something happened besides him scaring the hell out of me by creeping up on me quietly from behind. *smacks Justin*
My heart is still bobbing furiously beneath my chest when I recall the whole situation. Its so mind-blogging in a way. I think this feeling is not going to fade away anytime soon. At least, it persists, even after waking up from a good night sleep this morning. Cares heck about what I feel, what goes around comes around. But, I really do love yesterday. 

Little note : I got my FREE HP netbook this morning, thanks to TM. Cool beans... :)
Little note II : Today is one boring day. Tomorrow should be a better day. :)
Little note III : Should I play the piano again? I'm freaking bored... :)
Little note IV : I can't wait to watch SALT! :)

you are the reason why I love you
so don't try any harder...



Permanent - David Cook


Rejection. Dejection.
These were the two words which roamed around my mind throughout the past three days. The truth is, I participated in a sales team of a company selling health products for a Renovation Expo happening at MidValley. Well, since I was the youngest person in the whole team, I was rather anxious and concerned about my performance.
The first day went by...
the general idea of the experienced and pro people in the team were only able to close just a few sales calmed my nerves down a little. At least I know that I don't lack so far behind from the overall group performance too. They were being so nice to me, including my boss, where they constantly give me advice and tips on how to tackle people besides soothing me with how having me join them is not something to cause stress and pressure but as an exposure and to gain experiences on how to deal with people. Ahh... Good people.
The second day went by...
Sales wasn't as good as the first day's. I was actually hoping for the day to end and could not keep my eyes off my watch. Constantly whining about how I'm missing the MTV World Stage (not to say that I really want to go but I would like to meet Katy Perry ♥). I did many attempts on approaching people, promoting our products but to no avail. One of the seniors actually praised me for my ability to "talk". Yet, whether or not I was able to close a sale also depends a lot on the customers themselves.
The third and last day...
I was pretty pissed hearing the same thing over and over again; we will take a look around first and then we come back. Thank you.
I mean what the toot? They are all liars. No one came back. Well, maybe one or if we were lucky, two came back. And obviously, which I don't know why, I always get those customers who acted as if they were so interested in knowing more about our products, leaving me spending the next hour trying my best to talk them into purchasing our products and get that same old stupid lame reply; we will take a walk then we come back alright? Thank you so much.
Sentences like that act like wild fire lighting up the thick woods, spreading sparks of bright red flames in all directions. Today, I made the most attempts and feel the greatest pain of dejection. My efforts felt like flour being thrown to the open air, blown away by the brisk breeze the moment it was set free off the grip.
Today, the response was the worst of all three days, making the graph a straight line down along the x-axis. The responses deteriorate in such obvious and organized pattern that actually took us by shock. We were expecting higher sales for the subsequent days on the first day yet it turned out to be the opposite.
I would say that sales require both persuasion skills and also luck. Unfortunately, luck is what I certainly do not possess and persuasion skills is what I lack of.
In a nutshell, FAIL - I am.
*bows politely*
Thank you for reading my rants.

Suddenly my readers disappeared. No idea why that happened. The sudden steep drop puzzles me a lot.


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