Dynamite – Taio Cruz

Sunday, 22nd August, 2010.

College starts tomorrow. I would say I am rather exhilarated just like how I always do at the beginning of each semester. Then, comes the selection of subjects and then the arrangement of time tables. That is when the headache creeps in, unfortunately. Such frustrating yet inevitable process eventually repeats itself every semester in ADP, and I believe, it definitely works the same for every other programs.
Today, I want to pamper myself before the new semester ahead for the last time. I’d laze around, I’d be a potato couch, I’d eat junkies, I’d take insanely long nap, I’d not bother anything that I don’t like doing, I’d indulge myself with the usual procrastination, I’d do anything to please myself, avoid anything that will break my little bubble.

I can’t wait. I just wish this coming semester will be one hell of a rockin’ one.
Oh yes it definitely will be. High hopes. :)


Taa~ Signing off and resume to more procrastination.



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