A Moment Like This – Leona Lewis

Firstly, a million times of apologies for the lousy picture quality you will see in the latter. Wasn’t expecting a trip to the hospital will drag on and lead us to many many other interesting places and hence, the stupidity for not bringing the camera along. Secondly, enjoyyy~

7th August, 2010.

So, at night, my aunt and uncle brought us for some really delicious ramen at the Meritus Mandarin – Ippudo Ramen. Definitely a long cue just to get seated in that restaurant at the Mandarin Gallery. That was how popular it is. I would say the ramen is definitely one of a kind, more delicious than normal ramen in some other ordinary shop but the price is certainly beautiful too. I would recommend that place to you only if you are celebrating something special and not just for an ordinary dine out kind of occasion. Unless your wallet is full, you may. Thank you. We got ourselves a place to our own in the only private room of the restaurant with one condition – spend a minimum of $32 per pax. My generous handsome uncle agreed to that without further hesitation for a detour from the long wait for a normal sitting. The appetizers were as nice as everything they served throughout the night. I especially like the chocolate cake for dessert. So rich, so delicious. Nyomnyomnyom… :D
We were chattering joyously in that private space that we were shocked enough to find that they were already preparing to close down the place when we stepped out of the room. That explains the two awkward occasions of the waiters lifting up the (door curtain) and peeping in as if the check on us besides having them bring the bill to us without the need to summon them

After the incredibly heavy dinner, we were brought to the so called most happening place in Singapore – Dempsey Hill to chill and relax. According to my uncle,which then confirmed by Google searching, that place used to be the headquarters of the Military of Defense of the country and therefore the small alley to Dempsey itself is called the MinDef road. As the car glided swiftly through and came to the end of the dark path with barely any visible street lights, a glimpse of small dim light bulbs came to greet our sight. There were restaurants, bars, places for young adults to hang out at night after long hours of work in the day, or even for weekends gatherings. Situated in the midst of lush greenery, it is indeed, very hard to associate the resort-like ambience that shapes the current Dempsey Hill, with the discipline and regiment of the military in the olden times. Unleashing waves of relaxed and laid back vibe, Dempsey is, in fact, the perfect hang out spot.

We came to a place called CMPB – Contemporary Melting-Pot & Bar, had a seat and started drinking some white wines.
  0708201059107082010592 Tried two different white wines from New Zealand, followed by another from Australia. The one from NZ was a Cloudy Bay, 2004 with a 11.5% alcohol content, while that of Aussie’s was a Chandonnay, 2008, which alcohol content I’m not so sure of.

07082010597 Cloudy Bay had a rather sweet taste to it and is more suitable for ladies while Chandonnay had some acidic nature but still, is lighter compared to red wines.
  07082010595 Overall, both tasted decent. Me like. Me adore. :)
What puzzles me is that both my parents’ and my sister’s faces turned red while mine remained normal after drinking. I thought, I’m good! Heh…

Returned home at about one o’clock in the morning. Time for bed! Zonked out the minute my head was rested on the pillow. A good night sleep with some ultimately weird dreams though. Toodles~



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