when girls get together;

Kissin You – Miranda Cosgrove
♥ Aww… This song is just so sweet. :) ♥
Today was a girly day out with my two girlfriends, MeiChien & YiXuan. Tropicana City, it was again, since it was close to our place and since we have transport problem to travel all the way to Sunway Pyramid, which was the initial venue for our outing. So, MeiChien & I were there way before YiXuan did and we caught up a little while both of us disclosed some girl stuffs to each other while waiting for YiXuan to come over to join us. Had lunch at Taiwan Street. Well, it was ordinary. Food was okay, it was a little pricey but still affordable, rather okay environment. However, I wouldn’t go there the second time until I have tried every other restaurants in that mall. Anyway, we spent some time at the arcade playing this shooting game MeiChien wanted to play. It was sure tiring, holding the plastic rifle up for so long. From this, at least I know that I can’t be a military person or even Evelyn SALT (this will be properly explained in the latter). Besides, we raced car. The irony was that MeiChien, who does not have a license yet, won the first place of the whole race while I ended up second and YiXuan being the third. I mean what the heck? It wasn’t supposed to be like that! The sequence was totally out of place. YiXuan should appear first because she got her license earlier than I did. I know myself that I am bad at racing. Reason was because my car always overturn at this particular sharp corner. I sucked a big time. MeiChien, laugh all you like. :D

So, we watch SALT this afternoon.
Man, it was sure a nice movie though I don’t quite fancy the ending of the movie. It felt to me like there is still a long time to go before the movie ends, with all the intriguing and well choreographed action scenes blasting out on the big screen continuously. I was so engrossed in the movie that when one of the GSC workers opened the exit door, allowing the bright fluorescent light shine in through the rectangular opening, it blinded my eye a little as I stare at the glowing space. I switched my vision back to the screen with much disbelief. Well, I guess Justin is right about how the director was planning on the sequel of this movie – SALT II, perhaps. Anyway, the highlight of this movie is not only the kickin’ ass actions, but also the hottie herself, Evelyn Salt, starring Angelina Jolie. I would say, she was smokin’ hot no matter what kind of looks she put on, whether being a blonde, black hair, short hair, it all doesn’t matter cause with her pretty looks, thick luscious lips, high cheekbones etc., she is ABLE to pull off whatever look! Everything about her is just too perfect to be put into words. In fact, I only know a word to truly describe her – HOT! I know its kinda weird for the fact that I’m so into a grown woman and even describing her facial features but for those who doesn’t know how hot she is, damn it, just watch this movie, or Wanted, or Tomb Raider, or whatever movie you can get hold of with her in it. :) Anyway, reason why I said I couldn’t be Evelyn Salt was because YiXuan said I actually can be Evelyn Salt. Plucked from my very own Facebook status : At some point, I could really be Evelyn SALT. Straight black hair (not so long though), straight cut, bangs. Plus, my name is Evelyn. Cheh.. wannabe. ♥

Before heading home, we thought maybe we could do what normal girls always do; enter a shop, pick an outfit, go to the fitting room and change, come out, admire, *clicks* take a picture (or maybe a few pictures). So that was what we did at Nichii. I picked a jean outfit – tube dress. It wasn’t what I would wear but that was the whole point of it; pick something definitely out of your range of acceptable style. I still think I like the other outfit I saw. It looked a little like a trench coat and had kind of a real safari girl vibe to it. Day ended well. I am contended. Cheers!
Its getting late. Toodles~


In that jam packed lift
While everyone deliberately pushed me from all sides
I felt you stood protectively beside me
As if to keep others from getting onto me

Love, EvelynLee.


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