Grown Ups!

Closer to the Edge – 30 Seconds to Mars

Saturday morning. I woke up not to my own alarm, instead, my sister’s. I groaned while I got up from bed to turn off my alarm before it goes off before diving back to snuggle with my blanket.

“What’s up with you waking up so early?”

“I’m going out today. What about you?”

“Me too!” I exclaimed with a silly morning smirk plastered across my face. It was really hard to actually control my emotions in my muzzy morning condition, what more to be able to think clearly

Sometimes, I just pondered how MeiChien could bear living with her mother. The moment I step into her mum’s Kancil till we arrive at Curve, her mum had been going on and on about things (a little like nagging plus exclamations and rants). I’ve been hearing stories from MeiChien about how she would usually shut her mum out while she nagged. Its pretty interesting seeing how MeiChien would shoot philosophical questions every once in a while.
Strolled around the mall scouting for accessories. None caught my attention. Oh well, not like I wear them very often. Yep. Then we watched Grown Ups! Really worth every single penny of it. Just imagine all the big time comedians such as Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Chris Rock, David Spade and Rock Schneider, gathered together for a movie production. Yes. I was laughing so hard my stomach hurts, my tears streaked down my face. It was that funny. Lots of random jokes popped out when you least expect them, coming in a swarm, one after another. Yeap. Hilarious is the only way to describe this movie. :D

Here’s the trailer. Enjoy!

Grown Ups Trailer

I played my last card
And lost the entire game



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