Quote of the day: Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase. – Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Today, was obviously the first day of the Fall semester and also the first day of my third semester in ADP. I previously listed out a few subjects that I would like to take for this semester but due to the Psychology time table which was then, not out yet, none of us could actually be a hundred percent sure of the subjects that we are going to take.


I got down my dad’s silver Myvi at Wisma HELP’s ground floor. The first sight and sensation of the building creeps me out heaps. A levels students are on break. Degree students still on holiday. The whole Wisma HELP and KPD E felt like deserted, especially in this month of the Hungry Ghost Festival, the building lights were not switched on~ Okay cut the crap. I approached the lift, just to see a guy, approximately one head taller than I am, looking at a piece of paper laid on top of the ADP paper file. Immediately, I guessed that he should be a freshman, first semester here at HELP. I flashed him a friendly grin before he asked me where LH9.4 was supposed to be. I was thinking, “How CUTE! Just like how I was when I was a newbie!” I entered the lift with him and offered to show him the way to his class. He’s pleased. I was too! Best thing to feel on the first day of the semester. By the way, he doing actuarial science as his major.

Headed to level 9 while waiting for Loh to bring me my McDonald’s breakfast! Ooh… I was exempted from the RM3 McDelivery charges. :) *skips around the room* LOL… So then everybody (Loh, Sarah, Vanesse & Gilbert) gathered at the place where I sat down and off we went down for breakfast where Justin joined us on the way there

Biology was okay. Justin was right about my lecturer, Ms. Ponni. She’s soft, as if she’s trying to communicate with the ants without breaking the ants’ eardrums. Did I mention that the Biology class was packed? Yeah, hell it was. Attended Introduction to Western Philosophy class too! Lecturer was our current Head of Department, Mr. Ho Kin Chai. Well, I wouldn’t say I enjoyed that class very much because it was a mixture of both enlightenment and boredom as it was a little draggy at the same time. I like how his words and examples actually made me think but I couldn’t help myself from checking the clock from time to time. Finally when Mr. Ho did called it end for the day, I found myself letting out a deep sigh. Just so you know, I wasn’t the only one then, exhaling loudly. It felt to me like the entire class was, as if a burden was lift off from our shoulders

I landed my choices on four subjects; Biology Sciences, Intro to Western Philosophy, Intro to Research Methods & Human Personality.


With much love, Evelyn.


ken said...
Monday, August 23, 2010

this makes me miss uni life =)

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