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Best I Ever Had - Vertical Horizon

This post is to remind me again how to rant because I have a feeling that I am going forget how to do that very soon.
So, here comes…

Truthfully speaking, its been one month into my holiday and I obviously don’t have many days left. Not to mention, I, being a massive procrastinator at home, am clueless about the things I have accomplished so far since finals. I would call myself an epic failure while slapping that big “L” that I form with my index finger and thumb hard on my forehead.
Oh yes. I will do that right after this sentence itself.
*slaps “L” hard against forehead*
I couldn't believe the fact that I actually slacked through the days, being so unproductive. It was as if I was a living corpse, literally stucking my head right in front of that stupid laptop clicking away like there's no tomorrow, fingers fumbling clumsily over the sheer keyboard, LOL-ing at some ridiculous videos on Facebook and YouTube, cracking laughter at MLIA, browsing other's blog while fantasizing to live life like others; happening lifestyles, reading other's rant and amused by how other calls themselves bitches in their rants.
My life is currently all screwed and messed up that if my holiday were to be any longer than 5 weeks, I would just rot and end up in hell.
I'm pathetic. I am in desperate need to get my life sort out and resume to my old routine, which I feel much more comfortable in. Yes I want to go back to college, to hang out with my friends, to be like a normal person again. Well, I guess I can wait. Its just another week away.

Oh I feel a migraine kicking in again. I shall be off then...
Taa~ Nights to the world.

Evelyn signing off.


Yorke Kun said...
Wednesday, August 18, 2010

what?..4-week holidays but end up by just doing nothing?..haha..you better get yourself some fun out there..still got 1 more week..life's great you know..ripley's believe it or not..unbelievable?..believe it..hahahahah

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