primary peeps get together session;

Reason (Gundam Seed Destiny)

Session officially started at 7pm, where everyone gathered in front of Starbucks at the Curve. There wasn’t any awkward moment as far as I can recall, which is a good thing! We get along perfectly the moment our eyes met. It felt like it has been too long that we don’t even have time to feel awkward and started chattering away.

A group of 13 people in which four of them are guys, we had a perfect spot occupied at the Paddington House of Pancakes.4574593419_6031ba34df A cage like area right in the middle of the restaurant literally separated us from the rest of the customers. Took us quite a while to actually find a place which can house us all since it was buka puasa hour then. Ordered our food and started chatting and got all hyped up. Effects were rather similar to getting a tipsy.
We were practically shouting at each other enthusiastically in the midst of all the noises of other peoples’ conversations. We were animated and obviously causing way too much noise and stirring up commotion to actually cause resentment in other customers in that restaurant. I bet some of them were livid as I could almost see their faces burn in rage when I scanned the room whenever my friends burst into roaring laughter and the rest joined in the hilarity. All I could do was to change my facial expression into a very apologetic one with a slight frown of the eyebrows whenever I feel that they are looking at me. Occasionally, I feel apprehensive about us, staying there to catch up for the whole night. Yes I was.

Food came. Well, I knew I couldn’t finish one whole dish all by myself and therefore decided to share two dishes with Keefe and Amanda. Only have picture of one of the dishes.DSC_5712  I also shared a Fizzy Mango and Orange juice with Keefe. It has a really unique sensation to it with the mango taste dominating the beverage.
Thumbs up!
I love how when we spoke of all the nicknames we used to give each other for teasing purposes, vivid memories rushed to fill in to the fading spaces in our minds. It felt incredible.
Bumped into Mei Yi. She likes my friends, claimed that they were hilarious bunch of people. :D

After taking some pictures with the display fire truck outside of the Curve and also around the area, we took a brisk walk along the edge of Ikano to the car park while joking around foolishly.
Jammed our way to Dataran Sunway’s Kayu Nasi Kandar to continue with more fun time catching up. Dad came in the middle of our chats and so I had to leave with Mei Chien. It was fun after all. Can’t wait for the next session. Cheers!

Them: Keefe Chan, Yee Wen, Chia Poh, Michelle Tung, Tiffany Ng, Sabrina Cheong, Mei Chien, Leanne Mong, Amanda Yip, Wee Shen, Kah Hoe, Yung Tyng.

It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them. – Ralph Waldo Emerson


~With Love ♥


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