The road back home.

American Honey – Lady Antebellum

Okay. My maternal grandparents’ home is at Paloh, Johore. It is truly a small town that barely anyone is well aware of the existence is this place. Unless you take the train from anywhere in the Semenanjung Malaysian down through Johore to Singapore, you won’t know this place called Paloh. However, the government has changed the route of the train so that it will not stop at Paloh since two years ago. So, this place is so hidden that you have to turn in through a look-alike deserted junction and travel about 30km down the curvy road with countless bends and sharp corners to actually reach it.
Of course, along the way, the oil palm plantation and the rubber tree plantation was all you can see. It certainly cannot be gainsaid that the mere scenery of the pale blue sky with white fluffy-looking clouds and the sea of plantation is something of a different yet unique flavor compared to the panoramic view of the city. You might find that I love to stare at the open space which preferably be - the sky. Well, this is because I find peace and serenity in it. Somehow I feel that the sky renders the tranquil vibe that I could not find in any other things on Earth.
Therefore, the sky – my great escape

We stopped there for a night before heading down to Singapore the next day.
At Singapore, we visited my grandaunt, who was very sick in the Singapore General Hospital. She was down with the last stage of cancer and did not have much time left. My heart felt like it was squeezed the whole time I was there. Though she was still able to joke around about things, the idea of her having to receive injection of morphine every hour is plain barbaric. Before leaving the hospital, I took a last glance at her pale face, thinking, this will most probably be my last time seeing her.
Reminiscing how she used to laugh joyously and play with my siblings and I when we were young, I sucked back my tears with much effort. Knowing I will miss her, I still wish she will leave us soon to put an end to her sufferings. Sigh, this is life, the cycle that will never end.


P/S : Could it be that I miss you too much that it seemed to me as if you appear in all of my dreams?

Tonight was a cloudless night
Though there were countless stars in the dark sky
Yet there was one, which shone so brilliantly compared to the dim ones surrounding it
I thought, that was you, the special one, the shining star in my heart



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