The Expandables.

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Okay. I initially wrote in to Nuffnang to see if I get lucky and win a pair of free passes to this special screening of the new movie – The Expandables, but didn't succeed. Justin got it and brought me along. Cheers!

Woke up in the morning feeling totally crappy. Squinted at my white wrist watch, the shorter needle pointed at 10 while the longer one stroke 12. I pulled myself up to a sitting posture just to find myself seeing stars while my vision blacked out for a moment. My head was spinning like crazy till when every thing was back to normal, my left brain starts hurting like hell. I was like, “Crap. Migraine at this time?” So yeah, I had migraine for the entire day. Totally sucking the energy out of me. I found that I don’t even have the energy to talk much.
It was a gloomy day, though the temperature of the atmosphere was heating up so much. It felt like we were in some volcanic zone while some where in a few miles away, there is some volcanic eruption. Sucks.

So, dinner at The Garden at Curve. Well, first time to that restaurant. One look at it, that restaurant was definitely inspired by a romantic garden concept where there were fake flower decorations in almost every corner and an overall white concept. The white grand especially enhance the exuded tranquility of the cafe. Alright. What I was trying to say was good atmosphere, love the environmental-friendly ambience of it.


In the meanwhile, the food wasn’t up to its standard. Not nice. Ordinary. I would suggest other places if food is your main aim, Garden if romance is your main reason. :)

Nuffnang Screening – The Expandables


Many will say, “Owh… Its a guy movie. Lots of actions.” But frankly speaking, I adored it. Hell yeah I have quite an amount of testosterone in me too! Maybe it is not normal for a girl to say stuffs like that but I have to admit, they’ve got style. The way they hold their guns, the way they kill, the way they punch et cetera, style is what they have.

Though I am not a gun expert, I thought I saw Jason Statham holding a cool gun somewhat like the one Josh Duhamel was holding in Transformers. I just thought I might want to mention it here. Same technology! No, I didn’t include the super advanced rifle Terry Crews was holding. Cool beans. Can totally blow a person’s body into pieces with one bullet. Nicely choreographed action scenes.
Unless the projectionist made a mistake in the settings, this was one of the loudest movies I have ever seen. Even a small knife throw sounded like a small explosion. What more a real big ass explosion? Felt like my ear drums was exploding on each side of my ears.
Besides, there were a couple of scenes where the camera placement wasn’t at all perfect. Like the one where Jet Li was fighting and getting bashed up at the same time, it was rather chaotic and hence, the action was not quite well-delivered.
Despite the negative comments, I still love how the random jokes and people came popping out in the middle of each scene. Like the one where Arnold Schwarznegger and Bruce Willis made their random appearance, I couldn’t stop laughing. I didn’t expect so much humor in this pre-perceived as a group of gung ho fighters geared up for some action-packed mission. Thumbs up!

Had trouble sleeping that night. Adrenaline gushing through me. Thank God my sister wasn’t sleeping beside me that day. I woke up in the morning to realize I was tangled up in the blanket. None left at my sister’s side. Not my usual being. :D

Love, EvelynLee.


ken said...
Saturday, August 14, 2010

hope to watch it soon.. looks interesting! =)

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