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Rejection. Dejection.
These were the two words which roamed around my mind throughout the past three days. The truth is, I participated in a sales team of a company selling health products for a Renovation Expo happening at MidValley. Well, since I was the youngest person in the whole team, I was rather anxious and concerned about my performance.
The first day went by...
the general idea of the experienced and pro people in the team were only able to close just a few sales calmed my nerves down a little. At least I know that I don't lack so far behind from the overall group performance too. They were being so nice to me, including my boss, where they constantly give me advice and tips on how to tackle people besides soothing me with how having me join them is not something to cause stress and pressure but as an exposure and to gain experiences on how to deal with people. Ahh... Good people.
The second day went by...
Sales wasn't as good as the first day's. I was actually hoping for the day to end and could not keep my eyes off my watch. Constantly whining about how I'm missing the MTV World Stage (not to say that I really want to go but I would like to meet Katy Perry ♥). I did many attempts on approaching people, promoting our products but to no avail. One of the seniors actually praised me for my ability to "talk". Yet, whether or not I was able to close a sale also depends a lot on the customers themselves.
The third and last day...
I was pretty pissed hearing the same thing over and over again; we will take a look around first and then we come back. Thank you.
I mean what the toot? They are all liars. No one came back. Well, maybe one or if we were lucky, two came back. And obviously, which I don't know why, I always get those customers who acted as if they were so interested in knowing more about our products, leaving me spending the next hour trying my best to talk them into purchasing our products and get that same old stupid lame reply; we will take a walk then we come back alright? Thank you so much.
Sentences like that act like wild fire lighting up the thick woods, spreading sparks of bright red flames in all directions. Today, I made the most attempts and feel the greatest pain of dejection. My efforts felt like flour being thrown to the open air, blown away by the brisk breeze the moment it was set free off the grip.
Today, the response was the worst of all three days, making the graph a straight line down along the x-axis. The responses deteriorate in such obvious and organized pattern that actually took us by shock. We were expecting higher sales for the subsequent days on the first day yet it turned out to be the opposite.
I would say that sales require both persuasion skills and also luck. Unfortunately, luck is what I certainly do not possess and persuasion skills is what I lack of.
In a nutshell, FAIL - I am.
*bows politely*
Thank you for reading my rants.

Suddenly my readers disappeared. No idea why that happened. The sudden steep drop puzzles me a lot.



ken said...
Monday, August 02, 2010

dont worry, be happy =)

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